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What One Phone Call and A Year Can Make

For Tomorrow You Could Get A Phone Call….

This Time Last Year I Was In This Very Same Position…Excited To Be Waking Up To My First Monday of Spring Break! Life Was Good and I Had The Prospects of A Solid Week, Month, Year of Lifting Weights, Connecting With Students More As The Year Ends, Front Load A Ton of Work To Finish The Year Strong, and Enjoy The Path That My Life Was On!

On This Blissful Monday Morning One Year Ago Today I Could Have Never Imagined That The Spring Break of 2016 Would Usher In The Most Drastically Life Changing Events of My Existence!

It Was In The Middle of This Spring Break When I Would Get A Phone Call That I Need To Go See An Oncologist….Pause…..Heart…..DROP!

Skipping Over The Vigorous Year That Would Then Ensue, I Write This 365 Days Removed, Substantially Mentally Stronger, Millenniums of Perspective Wiser, 1/4 The Amount of Kidneys Less, and Infinitely More Grateful For Life From That Phone Call 12 Months Ago.

In This Stage of My Life, As I Reflect On The Experiences That I Have Gone Through and The Circumstances That Continue To Loom Over My Every Day I Cannot Help But Make A Request To You…

Please Enjoy This Day For Every Gram of Splendor That It Has Blessed Upon Your Life…

  • The Family That Is In Your Life That You Can Speak With and Hug…Embrace Them With All of Your Soul

  • The Beautiful Scenery of Life That Your Eyes Are Viewing…Embrace and Find The Beauty In It

  • The Troubling News That You Received Yesterday…Embrace and Find The Beauty In It

  • The Sweet Music That Is Making Your Body Come Alive and Spirits Bloom…Embrace It With All of Your Soul

  • The Pleasant Aromas of The World Around You That Conjure Thoughts of Happiness…Embrace Them With All of Your Soul

  • The Irretrievable Opportunity To Make Memories That Last Eternal…Embrace Them With All of Your Soul

For Tomorrow You Could Get A Phone Call…

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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