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To Live We Must Do

The Avoidance of Anything Is The Extermination of Everything, The Killer of All Progress and Success Lies Within Inaction. There Are A Myriad of Situations In Life That This Concept Is Applicable and It Saddens Me To Extreme Degrees When I Consider Each One. You Needn’t Look Far To See People Caught In A ‘Paralysis of Avoidance’ Within Their Own Mind, Which Is Preventing Them From Trying New Things or Even Simply Doing The Once Familiar Things That Actually Produce LIFE…

We Have A Multitude of Fears That Inject Scared Feelings of Insecurity:

  • If I Fail…”I Wish I Could But Am Not Capable of That”

  • If I Get Hurt…”That Seems Scary and I’m Not, I Know I Will Get Hurt”

  • If I Look Stupid…

  • When There’s More Time…”I Am Simply Too Busy To Do This”

  • When I Have Enough Money…

  • Etc.

These Fears That Hold Us Back Are Killing The Very LIFE That Lies Before Us. The Memories That We Manufacture By Experience Are ALL That Matters, and By Not Experiencing We Are Simply Existing In A Numbing State of Existence…Well I Declare That Existing Is Not Enough…It Is VIBRANT LIFE That We Must Pursue! So Exterminate Fear THIS INSTANT and Ponder What The Prospects of Facing Those Fears Would Be.

Consider The Worst Case Scenarios…

  • …You Don't Finish The Task…So What? You Gained Understanding!

  • …You Get Hurt…So What? You Will Heal!

  • …You Looked Awkward…So What? Nobody But YOU Has Even Considered It!

  • …You Lost Time Elsewhere…So What? That Job, Task, ‘Necessity’ Is Still There!

  • …You Strapped Your Pocketbook Further…So What? Money Will Always Come and Go and You Will Always Be Able To Land On Your Feet!

Without ‘Doing’ We Cannot ‘Experience’, and Without Experience There Is No Pumping of Blood From The Heart of Life. Time Is Limited and Each Minute Alive Is Fading With Speeds Beyond Comprehension. Cherish The Precious Day That Is Today, But Don't Just Cherish It From Afar, Cherish It By Investing Yourself Within It. Approach This Day With ACTION…Knowing That Deep Down Your Action Could Result In Your Biggest Fears Coming True, Complete Destruction Unfolding Before Your Very Eyes…And LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT! Because Through That False Destruction You Will Arise A Conqueror of Time, and A Fortress of Power That YOU Created…That's LIVING!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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There Are Two Assassins…Your Fears and YOU…Which One Will Triumph This Week?

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