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Hourglasses & Sandcastles

Hourglasses and Sandcastles:

Doubt, Worry, Apprehensiveness, and Fear of Taking Risks In Life Hinder The Supreme Potential That Was Originally Engraved Within Our Souls. It’s Easy To View Only Where We ‘Wish’ To Be and Allow The Gap To Paralyze Our Steps In That Direction. The Instant Gratification Society In Which We Live Lay Upon Us Unrealistic Endpoints and Time-frames For Our Dreams…Which Halts Said Dreams Dead In The Tracks, But Our Destiny Has No Scheduled Due Date. Let's Stop Thinking About Timetables, Endpoints, Numbers, and All The Other Deceptive Restrictions We Put On Ourselves…In The End None of Those Things Will Bring Us Health and Happiness…All of Those Things Cause Doubt and In The Doubt Causes Apprehension, Which Leads To FEAR OF TRYING…. When We Let Ourselves Free and Take Risks, Then and ONLY Then Can We Ever Realize Just How Great We Can Be, Just How Far We Can Go, and Exactly What Life Was Meant For Us! We Just Have To Let It All Go and LIVE!!!!!!! When We Risk Failure, We Then Can Succeed!

I Used To Live A Life of Limitations…All Put On Myself, In My Own Head…I No Longer Live This Life…I Had This Thought A Few Months Ago About My Life Being Like An Hourglass of Sand and If That Were The Case How Would I Spend That Time While The Sand Falls! The Hourglass of My Life Will Run Out Eventually, Maybe When I'm 90, But Maybe While I’m Still 31…I Have No Idea, But I Don’t Know Or Care Where I End Up When The Hourglass Runs Out of Falling Sand…But I Know The Entire Time That The Sand Is Dropping I Refuse To Just Watch It Lifelessly Fall, No No, I Plan On Making Castles Out of It...I Don’t Need An Architecture or Design Degree To Build These Castles, I Don’t Need To Learn Everything I Can Before Building Them To Make Sure They Come Out Right….These ARE All Going to Be Beautiful Castles, Because They Are Castles Built As Best I Can…And My Favorite Part of My Castles Is They Are Just A Few Castles Within A Castle Village of Happiness That We Are All Adding To...My Castles Are A Reflection of All of YOUR Influence On Me and I Will Try My Best To Help Influence The Design of Your Castles…And Together WE WILL CREATE A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, HAPPY WORLD … A WORLD WITHOUT LIMITS!!!

In A Monday Menu A Long Time Ago I Posted A Quote From Picasso That Said … “When Your Mind Tells You That You Can't Paint, Then By All Means…PAINT”… Let's Live By That Accord Moving Forward…If You Aren't Talented Enough To Build The Castles That House Your Dreams…Then By All Means…BUILD!

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