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weight training


Zarate Fitness offers a wide range of group fitness classes that are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a first-timer, a seasoned fan of fitness or anything in between, there is a Zarate class for you!
Below are short descriptions of the classes offered. If you have any questions, give us a shout!
To check out the current schedule or sign up, click here:
Group Bootcamps

Don't let the name confuse you: These are a blast! A Zarate Bootcamp gives you a full body workout guaranteed to get your blood pumping, all in under an hour! Over the 60 minutes, you'll work through groups of exercises designed to work on your conditioning, strength, mobility, and overall health.


Bootcamps are scalable to all fitness levels and provide a fun, supportive  atmosphere to push yourself at your pace. Each class is modified to fit your current level of fitness and is coached to improve your overall physical well-being. Classes are open to everyone! $5 per class, just drop in, no need to reserve a spot!


Maybe you’ve seen Kettlebells on T.V. and always wondered what they were, or maybe you’re already a Kettlebell King or Queen…either way these classes are a great way to get and remain in phenomenal overall shape. 


Kettlebell classes serve to build virtually all areas of health and fitness ranging from strength, endurance, metabolic conditioning, cardiovascular, explosive movements, core stabilization, and everything in between.  Kettlebell training will improve your body awareness, upper and lower body strength, coordination, lower body fat, and build lean muscle.  All workouts are scalable to each individual, and coached through PROPER AND SAFE movement and modified to fit your needs. These sessions are scheduled blocks and build on each other to ensure proper progression and success. Kettlebell sessions are limited to 12 people and are $10 per session. Spots must be reserved in advance.

Metabolic Core
Metabolic core

Metabolic Core is a 45 minute, medium-to-high intensity workout focused on core stability, strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning. Every exercise can be tailored to meet your individual fitness level and goals. Session spaces are limited, and your spot must be reserved in advance. $5 per session.


Recovery Classes
Woman Stretching

The recovery/flexibility/mobility classes are focused on body restoration and improving overall function.


Through a series of techniques such as foam rolling, trigger point therapy, stretching, moving, healing and breathing, you will improve the quality of your body. These classes will increase your muscle and joint health, elasticity and range of motion. They will also allow you to move with less pain while advancing your potential. Recovery/flexibility/mobility classes are limited to 10 people and are $5 per session. Spots must be reserved in advance.

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