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Winning The Summer Travels Witcha Nutrition:

Winning The Summer Travels Witcha Nutrition:

The Summer Brings With It Lots of Travel Time and Vacations, Which I Thoroughly Hope You Are Embarking On. However In Addition To The Trips Away, It Seems Like There Is Always MORe Time For Hustle and Bustle and Running Here, There, and Everywhere. Summertime Is A Time of Go Go Go For Many, Which Is Fine and Good…However This Also Puts Us In Some Potential Precarious Situations Precarious Situations With Our Eating. Oh How Easy It Is To Just Say “I Was Planning O Eating Healthy But I Just Got Caught Up Out All Day and Didn't Know What To Get So I Just Got Fast Food”… Silly Mind and All of ITs False Justification To Allow Us To Eat The Junk That We Want!

I Have Good News Though, There Are A Lot of Incredibly Good Tasting and Still Nutritious Options Out There That You Can Get While Remaining On Point With Your Health, Fitness, and Weight Goals! Whether You Are Just Out Shopping For The Day, Running Errands, or Actually Traveling On Vacation It Is Almost Impossible To Not Come Across or Be Around One or ALL of The Following Restaurants… They Are Literally Popping Up Everywhere! So Here Is A List of These Popular Restaurants and Exactly What I Do/Would Order When I’m There!

Chipotle: I Had To Start With This One Cause It’s My Favorite and A Place I Would Frequent Everyday If There Were One Closer. There Is No Reason To Not Order This and Love Every Single Second of It!

I'd Get This - Chicken or Vegetarian Burrito Bowl - Extra Lettuce, All Three Salsas, Black Beans, Veggies… No Cheese, Guac, Etc. Danielle Would Get- Chicken Burrito Bowl- White Rice, Black Beans, Pico, Hot Salsa, and Lettuce

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: This Is My New Favorite and I Wish I Had Come Across It Earlier. I Had This Last Week and It Was No Joke One of The Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten.. Well At The Very Least It Was Flat Out Delicious. I Mean How Can You Go Wrong With Hummus and Black Beans?? Thats Right.. You Cant!

I'd Get This - Veggie Hummus Bowl - Extra Black Beans and Pickled Onions, No Cheese or Ranch Dressing. Danielle Would Get- Baja Chicken Bowl- Minus The Cheese or The Same As Mark!

MOD Pizza: You Can’t Turn A Corner Without Seeing One of These Bad Boys Popped Up, They Seem To Be In Every New Plaza Being Built. I Love The Entire Idea of Being Able To Make Your Own Anything…It However Does Require Some Discipline… It’s Alwasy Easier Than Meets The Eye To Say YES To The Entire Gamut of Toppings Available. But Stay Committed To This Order and It Will Keep Them Cals In Check and Yo Taste Budz Happy!

I'd Get This - Mini Dillon James - Ask For Light Sauce & Light Cheese, Extra Banana Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms. Danielle Would Get- Create Your Own Pizza- Light Red Sauce, Light Feta Cheese, Basil, Red Onion, Mushrooms, Banana Peppers, Spinach, and Tomatoes

Noodles & Company: Back In The Day I Used To Love This Place, However Times Were Much Different and My Go To Was The Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and Let Me Tell You, It Is AWESOME! However Also Keep In Mind That I Used To Weigh About 250 Pounds At One Point So Take It For What It’s Worth. These Days However This Is My Noodles & Company Go To… Still Delicious But My Normal Sized Pants Now Fit!

I'd Get This - Med Salad - With Extra Romaine, Onions and Olives, Without Cavatappi Pasta or Spicy Yogurt Dressing Danielle Would Get- Chicken Veracruz Salad- No Bacon Crumbles Or Dressing

Jersey Mikes: So This Is The One That In Full Disclosure I’ve Never Even Been To, However I Literally See Them Everywhere. I Am Not Against Subs, Grains, or Carbs As You Well Know, But Let’s Be Honest Most Are Made With Highly Processed And In Turn Highly Calorically Dense Breads. So Here’s A Great Option!

I'd Get This - Feta Salad - With or Without Chicken, Extra Onion, Tomatoes, Jalapeño & Banana Peppers, No Dressing! …Also 3 Extra Deli Pickles!

Danielle Would Get- Same As Above, Pickles and All!

That’s It… There Are 5 Different Restaurants That Once Again You Can Literally Find EVERYWHERE!!!

Those Are My Personal Suggestions Although There Are Different Options That Would Fit Your Nutritional Needs/Goals. I Suggest You Check Out Their Menus Ahead of Time If You Have Certain FoodIntolerance/Restrictions However If You Don't and Just Don’t Want To Keep Going Down The Road of Stopping At Garbage Places and Just Ordering What Looks Good/You Want To Eat and Then Wondering Why You “Just Cant Lose Weight”… or Continue Saying “It’s Just So Hard To Eat Right”… Then Just Order Exactly What I Have Laid Out Here, Park In The Back of The Parking Lot, and Watch The Weight Remain OFF!!!

Also If You Have Some Of Your Own Personal Favorite Healthy Choice, Please Share Em With Me… Because I Love New Thing and I Love Eating… In Addition I Love YOU!


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