What Is Your Soul's BMI?

BMI, The Body Mass Index…Is It Relevant? Is It Telling of Health Issues? … What The Heck Is A BMI? …. All Legitimate Questions!

Unfortunately The Average BMI Is Becoming Increasingly Higher and Higher…Leaving Us In A Declining State of Physical Health At A Rabid Pace. The Cards Are Stacked Against Us… Junk Food At Every Turn, A Society of Comfort That Has Caused A Lack of Physical Movement To Be The Norm, Misinformation On What Is ‘Right & Wrong’ With Every Page You Read Online, and A Myriad of Other Factors. We Could Argue The Validity of Many BMI Results… Yes I Know That They Don't Take Into Account Many Factors (Body Type, Muscle Mass, Etc.)… But For Many Scenarios It Is A Reflection of Some Truth…And The Truth Is Fading Health. Regardless Of It’s Validity or Not However… Our Growing Health Epidemic Is Tragic.

That However Is Not The Point of This Section, I Was Having An Amazing Conversation With A Great Friend and Mentor Mr. Phil Dyer, and The Notion Came Up That Is Even More Saddening Than The Physical Well Being of Us As A People. Our Body’s BMI May Be In Bad Shape As A Whole…But It Pales In Comparison (And Is Even A Leading Cause of Body BMI Issues) To A Worse Rabid Epidemic. I Believe We Have A Mass Problem and Of