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What Is Your Soul's BMI?

BMI, The Body Mass Index…Is It Relevant? Is It Telling of Health Issues? … What The Heck Is A BMI? …. All Legitimate Questions!

Unfortunately The Average BMI Is Becoming Increasingly Higher and Higher…Leaving Us In A Declining State of Physical Health At A Rabid Pace. The Cards Are Stacked Against Us… Junk Food At Every Turn, A Society of Comfort That Has Caused A Lack of Physical Movement To Be The Norm, Misinformation On What Is ‘Right & Wrong’ With Every Page You Read Online, and A Myriad of Other Factors. We Could Argue The Validity of Many BMI Results… Yes I Know That They Don't Take Into Account Many Factors (Body Type, Muscle Mass, Etc.)… But For Many Scenarios It Is A Reflection of Some Truth…And The Truth Is Fading Health. Regardless Of It’s Validity or Not However… Our Growing Health Epidemic Is Tragic.

That However Is Not The Point of This Section, I Was Having An Amazing Conversation With A Great Friend and Mentor Mr. Phil Dyer, and The Notion Came Up That Is Even More Saddening Than The Physical Well Being of Us As A People. Our Body’s BMI May Be In Bad Shape As A Whole…But It Pales In Comparison (And Is Even A Leading Cause of Body BMI Issues) To A Worse Rabid Epidemic. I Believe We Have A Mass Problem and Of Unhealthy ‘Soul BMI’s’! Deep Down We Are Hurting, Aching, and Longing For A Restoration From Within. The Evil Factors of Life, and The Stressful Live’s of Uncertain Circumstances Have Left Many (And I Would Argue AN EXTREME AMOUNT) of People With Damaged Souls. Years Upon Years of Malnutrition of The Soul and Spirit Have Caused A Sense of Doubtfulness and Cynicism Internally Throughout The Masses. We Work Too Much, Compare Ourselves To Others, Distract Ourselves With Medial Tasks To Numb The Pain, Fall To Vices of All Sorts, Walk In Directions That Were Chosen By Others, Inundate Ourselves In Materialism, Hide Behind A Mirage of Comfort … and Have Become Lost In The Rat Race of Life…With Each Passing Mile Losing A Sense of Purpose, and Damaging Our Soul’s BMI With Every Step. I Don't Know What Number Would Constitute A ‘Healthy Soul BMI’, I Just Know That Many Are In An Unhealthy State…and Without A Healthy Soul, Nothing Else Will Work and We Will Remain On A Path To Dreadful Despair.

If You Want To Improve Your Body’s BMI There Are A Number of Changes We Can Make Habit In Our Life and Reach New Levels of Health and Wellness…

  • Drink Water 80% or More of Your Beverage Intake

  • Eat Fibrous Vegetables and Other Plants As The Majority of Your Diet

  • Eat An Adequate Amount of Protein

  • Eat A Healthy Combination of Fats and Carbohydrates

  • Limit Your Processed Food Intake To As Minimal As You Can

  • Walk and Move More Throughout Your Day

  • Follow An Exercise Program

  • Smile and Laugh More

…Yup, It’s That Simple (In Theory, But Remember Theory Does Nothing If We Don't Learn Strategies To Actually DO THEM)

So Yes Our Body’s BMI Is Very Important, and I Most Certainly Think That We Should Aim To Keep That Under Control.

However The Perfect Body, The Fantastic Physique, and The Most Pristine Physical Health…Are ALL Meaningless If The Soul Is Defective, If The Soul Is Malnourished, and If The Soul Is Dying.

  • Praise God

  • Tell Someone You Love Them EVERY SINGLE DAY

  • Serve Others

  • Spend Time With Loved Ones

  • Challenge Yourself Daily

  • Help Others Succeed

  • Learn Something New Every Day

  • Smile & Laugh Daily

  • Read Poetry

  • Swim Whenever Possible

  • Lose Your Breath Every Day

  • Find Happiness In The Small Things

  • Create Works of Art

  • Listen To Good Music

  • Read Daily

  • Take Risks Without Knowing The Outcome

  • Test Your Resolve

  • Talk To Kids More

  • Look Into The Sun Even Though You’re Not Supposed To

  • Slow Down and Breathe

  • Walk In The Grass Without Shoes

  • Learn New Jokes

  • Write Poetry

  • Meditate

  • Volunteer Your Money and TIME

  • Compliment People Daily

  • Breathe Fresh Air

  • …Just To Name A Very Few!!

So You See, This Terrible Epidemic Is Not A ‘Bad Thing’… In Fact It Is A GREAT Thing!!! Whether It Be Your Physical BMI, Your Soul’s BMI, or Perhaps A Combination of Both That Are In Shambles. Whether You See Your Community, The Nation, or The World As A Whole That Is In A Dying State of Inner Soul Depletion… WE CAN CHANGE IT NOW!

There Is Profound Hope In The Possibilities of What We WILL Become! We WILL Alter The Course of Ill Soul Health, and Feed Those Very Souls A Diet of Nourishing Positive Fulfillment! A Healthy Diet and Exercise Program of Spiritual Nutrients and Fitness!

Just As All Can Wither and Fade, So Can ALL Be Resuscitated and Flourish Once Again!

Much Like Our Body, Our Soul’s BMI Goes Up and Becomes Damaged When We Spread To Wide In Relation To Depth…When We Become Lost In The Vast Array of Distraction, Taking On MULTIPLE Tasks, and Not Getting Depth. Instead of Trying To Do It ALL…Do What MATTERS!

So What Is Your Soul’s BMI? How Do You Know? Are You Living In Extreme Bliss and Purpose? Are You Lost or Found?

This Week Make It A Point To Feed Your Soul, And Consider The Quality of ‘What’ You’re Feeding It!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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