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My Refocus Back To Reality and Away From Devices

A Month or So Ago I Had Written About How I Had Started Planning “Device Free Dates” Into My Week, Which Consisted of Planned Time With Friends, Family, WHOEVER That Involved Absolutely NO DEVICES OF ANY KIND! Not Just “We Can't Check Our Phones”, But Rather The Phones Cannot Even Be Present…They Must Be Left Behind. It Was Essentially The Best Thing That I’ve Done In The Past Year…And Then It Got Lost In The Shuffle of Life and This Past Week I Realized That It Had Unknowingly Fell To The Wayside and I Had Again Fallen Into The Trap of Being Consumed By ‘Checking In’ On My Phone. This Is So Detrimental To Our Existence On Earth, As It Viciously Robs Us of Irretrievable Moments…Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity and Quality Time Spent With Friends and Family Is The Mortar For Which A Foundation of A Meaningful Life Is Built. This Time Will Soon Pass and When We Reminisce Upon The Days Before, The Questions That Divert Our Attention From Being In The Moment Such As…

  • What's The Score of This Game?

  • Did I Reply To That Email?

  • What's Going On With Facebook?

  • Do I Have Messages?

  • I Wonder What This Is, or That Is, Or When Those Things Are Happening?

  • …Good Grief The List Is Endless!

These Will All Be The Gasoline For Which Our Regrets Are Fueled…

So I Say Today NO MORE…Yes, I Got Off Track But I Vow This Week To Simply Get Back On Track…So It Starts Today!

If You Have Fallen Off Of A ‘Device Free Date’ Consistent Schedule (or Perhaps Have Yet To Implement One Into Your Week) I Encourage You To Hop On The Train, Leave Your Phones Behind, and Be PRESENT In The Moment With A Friend, Family Member, Loved One, or New Acquaintance!

Listen, Talk, Grow Together…and Build A Life One Moment At A Time!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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