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You Are Your Greatest Asset!

7 Tips To Invest In Yourself:

One Of The Most Valuable Things I Have Learned In My Life Is The Importance Of Self Investment. This Is An Irreparable Action That Must Be A CONSISTENT STAPLE In Life (In My Humble Opinion). Many People Instantly Associate This With Money, However It Can and Does Go WELL Beyond Money. In Order To Improve Your Life, The Lives Around You, and The World As A Whole…YOU MUST ALWAYS BE IMPROVING PERSONALLY!!! Even If You Were Uninterested In Being An Impactful Human Being, It Is Inarguable That Your Life Will Be More Enjoyable If You Are Constantly Improving…But To Improve Does Take Some Effort and It Takes Some Thinking Outside The Box To Push Yourself In ALL Areas Of Life! Momentum Will Build Upon Itself and When You Begin To Invest In All Areas Of Your Life, Then Your Life As A Whole Improves! Take The Time To Love Yourself Enough To Get Better As A Human Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually!

Here Are My 7 Biggest Suggestions Of Self-Investment:

  • Get A Mentor: This Is Such An Overlooked Component of Greatness In Life That Has Vast Implications On An Individuals Personal Progress. For Those Categories That You Are Lacking Efficiency In Or Are Simply Unfamiliar With, Then A Mentor Or Teacher Should Be A No Brainer. You Can Expedite Your Success Tenfold By Putting Yourself Under The Tutelage Of Somebody That Has Gone Through It, Learned From It, and Studies It Consistently. This Goes Beyond Those Things That We Are ‘Not So Good At’ Though. We Live In A World Wherein The Majority Mindset Is That “We Know More Than Others” Or “Rules Apply To Others But I’m A Superhero.” We Are All Our Own Experts and We All ‘Know It All.’ Deep Down We Feel That Others May Need Help But We Have Things Figured Out. Unfortunately For The Majority Of People, and By Majority I Mean The ‘Entirety’ Of People This Is Flat Out False. The Most Successful Of Professionals In Any Area Have Mentors and Teachers That They Go To Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly…IN THAT VERY AREA THAT THEY ARE EXPERTS! So Yes, Even In Those Things That You Are “The Expert” In, You Should Still Be Constantly Seeking Guidance From A Mentor…Being “Good Enough” Does Not Exist, You Can Always Get ‘Gooder’…Don’t Stop Improving!

  • Become Your Own DAILY Learner: Learning From Others Is Crucial, and We Should Be Receiving Guidance From Them Absolutely…But That Does Not Mean That We Should Only Be Learning During Those ‘Mentor Teaching Moments’…No No, Instead Make It A Point To Be Your OWN Learner…and Not Just Once In A While, But Rather Make It A Habit To LEARN ON YOUR OWN ‘EACH AND EVERY DAY.’ This Can Be In Any Area Of Life, But Create and Nurture A Daily Habit That Forces You To Learn Something (Anything) Every Single Day. Reading Online Articles, Listening To Podcasts, Watching Informational Videos, Asking Others Questions, Etc…There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Do This, But With So Many Options Out There To Learn Information, There Is NO EXCUSE To Not Be Learning Something. When We Make Learning A Daily Habit We Transform Our Mind From A Lethargic Fixed One, To An Unconscious Energetic Growth Mind!

  • Attend Classes/Courses/Seminars: This Point Is Correlated With The Prior 2. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone and The Coziness Of Your Sofa and ATTEND A COURSE Of Some Sort. If It’s Only An Online Webinar, Course, Seminar Etc. That Is Ok, But If You Can You Need To Actually Be Involved With Others In A Physical Presence and In A LIVE Setting. Somewhere Fairly Near You I Can Guarantee That There Is Some Type Of Presentation By Somebody That Is Providing Great Information and It's Waiting For YOU…Just Seek Them Out! Yes, This May Take Some Effort! In Addition There Are Plenty Of Free Presentations Out There (Which You Should Attend), But It Would Be My Suggestion That You Find Some That Cost A Bit Of Money. It Is Much Much Much More Impactful If IT IS NOT FREE! When You Invest Your Money You Inherently Invest Your Attention!

  • Eat Right and Exercise: You’re Not A Kid… Get Off Your ______(Fill In The Blank), and Take Care Of Yourself! You Don't Need To Belong To A Gym, You Don't Need A Perfect Plan, You Don't Need Expensive Raw and Organic Paleo Fare, You Don't Need To Spend 3 Hours A Day Working Out, and You Don't Need To Put In The Effort Necessary To Be A Fitness Model With 3% Body Fat On The Cover Of Every Magazine…But You Need To Love Yourself Enough To Be Healthy. Start Right Where You’re At Now and Make The Better and Healthier Decisions Each Day. Move A Little More Each Day, Stop Eating Food That Has Cartoon Characters On The Boxes, and If You Are Very Out Of Shape Currently Then Stop Believing The Lie That “You're Ok With It”…Nobody Likes Being Unhealthy. I Am Here To Promise You That Getting Into A Healthier State Is Very Attainable (Regardless Of Pre-Conditions) and That THIS INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF WILL BOOST ALL OTHERS! You Will Never Know How Great You Can Be Until You Start Feeling Greater Than You’ve Ever Felt Before!

  • Build Self Confidence In The Unique Person You Are: You Are Made In Distinct Fashion, There Is Nobody Like You, There Is Not Another On This Planet That Can Be The Person That You Are…YOU My Dear Friend…Are Amazing! And Since This Is In Fact The Case, It’s Crucial That You OWN It and Work To Build The Specific Person That You Are! Being Humble Is Important, This Is Undoubtedly True In My Opinion…However Sometimes That Gets Confused With ‘Not Being Confident In Oneself’ and This Is Not The Case. In Fact I Feel As Though Lack Of Self-Confidence Is Becoming An Epidemic. Do Not Fall For This Trap, Become The Best Version Of The Person That YOU Are With Fervent Passion. Every Single Day Write Out ONE THING That Makes You Unique/That You Are Good At (If You Can't Think Of Anything Ask Somebody Close To You) and Invest Some Energy In Becoming Even Greater and More Solidified In That…Don’t Run From Or Avoid It! Are You A 30 Year Old Male That Loves Scrapbooking? A 13 Year Old That Is Fascinated With Classical Music, A 45 Year Old That Plays PokemonGO, A 31 Year Old That Delights In Smiling, Exercising, Doing Cartwheels and Listening To Beastie Boys?…OWN IT, EMBRACE IT, PUSH IT, AND MAKE IT KNOWN TO OTHERS THROUGH POSITIVE LIVING WHY IT’S A POSITIVE! When You Live With Confidence and Positivity, Your Purpose On Earth Is Well Received By Others…Fraudulent Behavior Is Easily Identified and Easily Rejected!

  • Structure Your Work and Your Play Time: One Of The Greatest Investments You Can Make To Yourself Is The Planned Out Times Of Both Work and REST! Many Of Us Live On Either Side Of These Two Concepts and Often At Extreme Ends. We Work Non-Stop Or We Rest Non-Stop…And Momentum Breeds More Momentum In Either Direction When We Don't Take Action Against It. So To Combat The Momentum From Running Rampant…Schedule In (With An INK Pen) Both Times To Work and Times To Play. When You Are In Your Scheduled Work Time Be Diligent and Undistracted By Giving Your Full Effort, No Slacking, No Wandering, and No Thoughts Of Play…JUST WORK. This Work Time However Must Have An End Time For All Of You Workaholics…IT MUST! Failure To Do So Will Leave You Running Yourself Directly Into The Ground and Thus Causing All Of Your Efforts To Go Awry…I Know This To Be True From Real Life Experience and It Is Something That Is A Daily Work In Progress With Myself. But It Is Oh So Important. So Make Sure That Downtime Is Scheduled In and With Others If Possible To Hold You Accountable To Get To It. That Same Is True In The Opposite If You Find Yourself Never Really Working and Being Slothful. Even If Your Mind Stresses Over The Switch (Whether It Be To Work Or Play) The Balance Will Be Much Appreciated Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually By Your Future Self. Love Yourself Enough To Create Balance! *Until I Started Planning Things At A Set Time I Would Work/Workout Forever, It Is Essential!

  • Start A Habit You Can Do For Life: This Last One Is Important To Maintain A Lifetime Of Happiness. We All Love To Do Intensely Fun Stuff…Maybe It's Lift Heavy Weights Overhead, Run Ultra-Marathons, Bungee Jump, Go On Month Long Road Trips, Play Basketball, Etc….But Even When We Maintain An Optimal Level Of Health (Which We ALL WILL) The Reality Is That We Will In Fact Grow Older and Certain Things We Love To Do and Are Able To Do Now Will Be Less Feasible…But That’s Ok! So Start Seeking and Developing Habits and Hobbies That You Can Do Forever!!! Some Suggestions Are Reading, Walking, Gardening, Volunteering Time (In Any Facet), Journaling, Spending Time With Others, Swimming, Knitting/Sewing, Drawing/Painting, Playing The Piano, Etc…Even If You Don't Know How To Do Those Thing Now It’s Ok, Because You Will…You Have Your Whole Life To Become Great At It!

That Is My List Of 7 Things That I Suggest You Do and I Think They Are Very Important. Each One In Particular May Not Apply To You Or Stand Out To You…But The Concept Of INVESTING IN YOURSELF Is What I Find To BE VERY IMPORTANT. Maybe You Just Choose One, But Please Do It…Please Take Time To Always Improve, Please Take Time For YOU!!! You Are Your Greatest Commodity…Protect and Nurture It…Develop It…LOVE IT!

Go Get Gooder At Life!

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