My Top 3 Favorite Training Kicks

Workout Shoes Are Critical In My Opinion For Many Reasons and Picking The Right Ones For You Can Be Pretty Difficult! There Are So Many Options Out There and Depending On Who You Talk To You Will Get A Myriad of Suggestions Accompanied With ‘Why These Shoes Are THE BEST’...So To Make Your Life More Complicated I Will Give You My Opinion :) ... However, I Will Preface Mine By Saying That The Right Workout Shoes Does Happen To Be VERY INDIVIDUAL. You Have To Find What Works and Feels Best For You, Everybody Has A Different Size, Shape, and Feel To Their Feet...Along With A Different Personal Liking. As Someone Who Has Tried and Played With TONS of Different Shoes In The Past Many Years I Can Only Give You What I Have Found Best For Me (Someone With A Size 11.5-12” Foot, Very Wide AKA Fat Foot, Works Out In A Ton of Different Ways, Has Been Through Multiple Injuries, and Loves Listening To The Beastie Boys). So If You Fit Those Descriptions Then These Will Probably Be Spot On Recommendations For You. However, Even If Those Don't Describe You There Is Still A Great Chance These Will Be Great For You!

Regardless If You Like My Personal Recommendations However I Think That There Are Some Things That A Good Workout Shoe Has To Have.

  • They Should Have A Relatively Flat Heel Lift…None Of These Hyper-Cushioned Heels (It's All About That Proper Ankle Mobility In A Skwat Pattern)