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Tips Of The Week To Increase Health

Recently I've Been Discussing N.E.A.T.(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) Which Is What Super Smart People Have Coded To Disguise ‘Moving Throughout Your Day That Doesn't Include Planned Exercise’. You Might Have Found It To Be A Struggle To Exercise, Getting To The Gym Is Just A Drag For You…If This Is The Case, Don't Worry Because There Is Most CERTAINLY A Way Out of That Rut and A Number of Good Habits Can Be Built To Get Your Mojo Back To Working Out. However, This Section Does Not Cover Our Time To ‘Crush It’ In The Gym, Because Something That Is Very Common But Overlooked Is Our Lack of Movement OUTSIDE OF THE GYM…And YES This Goes For Even The Most Hardcore Crossfitty of Crossfitters Out There! When We Evaluate Our Day It's Sometimes Shocking To See How LITTLE We Actually Move Throughout It. Sometimes (Especially When Trying To Lose Weight) We Feel Like We Are Doing Everything Right…Our Eating Habits Are On Point, We Are Just SMASHING IT In The Gym and Giving Everything We Have Leaving A Sweaty Mess….Yet We Just Aren't Seeing The Results We Would Like. Obviously This Can Be A Number of Things That Are Stalling Weight Loss, However It's Very Easy To Bypass The Fact That Outside of The Hour Long ‘Sweat Session’ Each Day…WE SIT STAGNANT! Aside From The Lack of Caloric Burning, We Just Get TIGHT…And As Previously Discussed In Monday Menus, As A Society We Do Not Move Well AT ALL and As A Whole Are In Way Too Much Daily Aches and Pains. Once Again The Factors That Go Into All Of This Can Be Vast…But A Basic Principle Underlies All of This…


Much Like You Cannot Out-train A Bad Diet, And Much Like If You “Eat Well” All Day But Each Night You Binge On Alcohol and Sweets In The Name of “Moderation” You Will Not See Results. Consistency TRUMPS Intensity Always! So Again This Goes To Regular Exercisers and Non-Exercisers Alike…It Impacts Us All. I Recently Heard Ben Greenfield Refer To Someone As An ‘Exercising Couch Potato’, and I Thought That Was a Great Concept…And Something WE MUST AVOID!! The 1 Hour You Spend In The Gym Is Irrelevant If The Other 167 Hours That Week Are Spent Decomposing!

Soooo…Let's Move, This Aforementioned NEAT Involves Anything That Does Not Include Sleep, or Planned Exercise…So Any Movement Our Body Goes Through In A Day. Twitching, Fidgeting, Walking Up and Down Stairs To Work, Stretching, Bending, Daily Tasks Like Cleaning, Gardening, Yard-work, Playing Recreational Games, Crawling, Etc….ALL MOVEMENT. The Funny Thing Is That An Increase In NEAT Activities Has Been Shown To Have A Direct Correlation To Helping Lower Bodyfat and Increase A Burning of Calories In The Body… AKA…WIN WIN!

So Ponder Your Own Movement Outside of Exercise…Could It Be More? Not Sure How? Well Here Are Some Ideas…Check Em Out and Get Out There This Week and MOVE IT So You Don't LOSE IT!!!

  • Rotate Back And Forth On Feet While Standing In Place

  • Do Standing High Knees While Standing In Place

  • Park At The Back of Parking Lots

  • Consciously Step Both Feet On Each Step When Walking Up Stairs

  • Take The Stairs Instead of Escalators and Elevators

  • Put Your Alarm Clock On The Opposite Side of The Room

  • Create A Standing Desk

  • Replace Office Chair With An Exercise Ball

  • Purposely Make Multiple Trips Back And Forth To Get Groceries

  • Dance and Shake While Sweeping/Vacuuming

  • Set Reminders In Your Phone To GET UP and Move

  • Fidget Fingers And Toes Throughout Day

  • Stand While Talking On Phone

  • Stand/Walk Treadmill While Watching T.V.

  • Stop Watching T.V and Go Outside

  • Rock Back And Forth

  • Use A Basket Instead of Grocery Cart

  • Shake Your Legs While Sitting

  • Constantly Change

  • Tap Your Feet While Sitting

  • Dance More For No Reason


Get Moving, Get Fidgety, Get Burnin Them Cals!!! … And If You Have Any Other Ideas…Lemme Know So We Can Share Em With The World!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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