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An Easy Plug & Play Guide To A Quick Bodyweight Workout When Time Is Of The Essence

Time Is Our Biggest Commodity…Also Happens To Be The One Commodity That We Run Out of Most. We Want To Stay Consistent With Our Exercise, We Don't Want To Break Streaks…But Let’s Be Real… It’s Tough Sometimes, That’s Just The Way Life Is! When Times Get Hectic and The Easier Option Is To Just Skip The Workout Today Because We Have A Combination of ‘Not Enough Time & Just “Not Knowing What To Do”. However, Don't Stress About It… Just Use This Very Simple Cheat Sheet And Create Your Own Quick Exercise Session and Keep Your Fitness Streak Alive!

Whether You Have 5,10, 15, 20, 25 Minutes or Anything In Between… Set A Timer For That Amount of Time and Do An AMRAP of A Combination of The Following Exercises. Will This Be The Perfect Workout? NO, But It Will Be A Very Good One and Often That’s All That Matters. In Addition, This Will Still Keep You Semi-Balanced and Working Specific Muscle Groups, Planes of Motion, Ranges of Motion, Metabolic Levels, and In A Good Order To Help You Keep Improving Your Fitness In A Positively Proper Way Instead of Just Randomly Exercising.

Pick One Exercise From Each of The Following Categories…


  • Prisoner Skwat Jumps - 12

  • Rear Foot Elevated Split Jumps - 10 Each Leg

  • Burpees/Skwat Thrusts - 10

  • Skater Jumps - 10 Each Leg

  • Star Jumps - 10

  • *Full Body Extensions For NO IMPACT


  • Pushups - 10

  • Toe Taps - 8 Each Side

  • Divebomber Pushups - 12

  • Plank Walkups - 8 Each Arm

  • Iso Squeeze Pushups/Holds - 8 (4 Second Squeezes At Top & Bottom)

  • Kick Throughs - 10 Each Side



  • Skwatz - 20

  • Split Skwatz - 15 Each Leg

  • Top 1/2 to Full Skwatz - 12

  • Bulgarian Split Skwatz 12 Each Leg

  • Curtsey Lunges - 10 Each Leg


  • Jumping Jacks - 25

  • High Knees - 20 Each Leg

  • Side Step Floor Touches - 15 Each Side

  • Mt. Climbers - 16 Each Side

  • Plank Jacks - 16



  • Twists - 15 Each Side

  • Dead Bugs - 12 Each Side

  • V Ups With Hip Raise - 12

  • Back Swimmers - 25 Each

  • Spreadoutz - 12

*Then Just Cycle Through Those 5 Exercises That You Chose For The Allotted Amount of Time That You Have!

*Take Breaks Whenever You Have To and Don't Break Form, But Push Your Pace As Best You Can…It Will Smoke You If You Grind At Your Highest Pace!

This Is Just One Way To Piece Together A Quick Workout… There Will Be More Methods In The Coming Weeks!

Now Go Get Fit Regardless of How Much Time You Have!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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