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Confessions of A Pen Aficionado

There’s A Few Facts About Me That Should Be Known…

  1. I Can Out Eat Anybody In An Oatmeal Eating Contest

  2. I Don't Believe In Ghosts, However They Scare The H*** Out of Me

  3. I Do Not Like “Snobs” Of Any Kind…(Beer Snob, Wine Snob, Music Snob, Food Snob, Etc.) … This Is Another Section For Another Menu In Itself, So I Digress…

  4. I Have An Infatuation With Pens

I State That 3rd Fact For The Purpose of Making It Known That I Would Be Considered A Pen Snob If I Had Lesser Self-Awareness! There Is Something About A Good Pen That Completely Changes The Game of A Writing Experience, and When You Write As Much As I Write… Everything From Little Quick Notes, To Longer Novels of Information (Most of Which Are Unrelated To Anything Significant)…However, Some Related To All Things Significant … Then Having The Write (Pun Intended) Pen Is A GAME CHANGER…. I Don't Even Know If That Would Be Considered A Pun, Perhaps I Don't Even Know What A Pun Is. The Way It Feels In Your Hand Between Your Fingertips, Thumb, and Web of Your Hand…Its All Important. The Way The Tip Flows On The Paper, The Amount of Ink It Disperses, The Quickness In Which It Dries, The Length of Writing Life It Has Within It, The Way It Feels In Your Pocket or Hair (If You So Happen To Stick It In There)… ALL Of These Things Are Important! Now What Separates Me From A Pen Snob Is The Fact That I Will Still Use and Enjoy MOST (Not All) Any Pen, and In Fact I Love A Lot of Different Pens. It’s Extremely Rare To Not Catch Me Without A Pen On My Person, Whether That Be In My Pocket or Just Shoved Into My Hair…I Think It’s Important To Have A Pen At All Times Because You Cant Let Ideas Go Undocumented Or You Will Forget Them…So That’s Exactly What I Do…I’m An Obnoxious Notes/Ideas Taker…They Get Written On Everything!

Anyway I’ll Stop Cause I Could Go On Forever About These Minute Details… However, As Far As Pens Go, There Are Definitely Some That Are Above The Rest…And Trust Me I’ve Used Them All! Clicky Pens, Ballpoint, Fine Point, Broad Point, Colored Pens, Wide Grip, Small Grip, Super Expensive Pens, Free Giveaway Pens, and Everything In Between…In This Wide Experience I’ve Dialed In On My Favorites.

Broad Generalizations/Opinions…

  • .5 Is The Best Width

  • Clicky Pens Are Better Than Capped Pens

  • Black or Blue Inks Are Equal

  • Price Has No Bearing On Quality

Anyway, I’ll Stop Rambling Here and Give You Top 3 Favorite Pens…Go Yo’self Some and Write Freely!

Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink .5 - This Pen Is My Far and Away Favorite Pen, and Although Others Certainly Can Hold Their Own In Most All Situations…This Guy Is In Another League! Even The .7 Is A Great Choice Here, But The .5 Is The Single Best Pen On The Market…And Trust Me It’s A Big Market Out There. The Grip of This Pen Is Perfect…It’s Not Too Big or Small, Fits Perfectly In The Hand. The Rubber Is Not Too Soft Where It Just Becomes Annoying, But Not Just Straight Plastic Either, The Perfect Blend of Grip With Comfort. The Actual Pen Itself Is On Another Level…It Flows Perfectly Across The Paper With Unmatched Fluidity, and The Ink Never Runs (It’s Like The American Flag’s Colors)…Consider This Pen Freedom In Hand. And The Shelf Life Is EXTREME…Beautiful Ladies and Fine Gentlemen…This Is The Single Best Pen You Can Use!

Pilot G-2 - Now This Is One of The Exceptions In Which The .7 Is Just As Good As The .5 In My Opinion, Even Though I Still Prefer The .5 I Would Say They Are Equal. This Pen Is A Can’t Miss. It Has A Very Very Smooth Writing Flow To It Which Feels And Writes Great On A Single Sheet of Paper or A Full Stack Underneath It. The Grip Is Very Good As Well, Not Too Hard Not Too Soft. I Don't Know Why But I Like The Wax Cap It Has In The Ink Tube To Top Off The Ink Within…I Feel Like It Keeps It Fresher (Even If That’s Just In My Mind), and Plus It’s Good To Watch As It Goes Down…It’s Like A Fuel Needle. These Pens Are Even More Affordable As Well, And Are About As High Overall Quality As You Can Get! Get Yo’Self A Pack!

Uni-Ball VISION ELITE Roller Ball - Now Even Though I Am More Of A Fan of Clicky Pens In General, I Would Be Remiss If I Didn’t Give My Top Capped Pen Suggestion As Well. This Pen Is Incredible, It Writes Incredibly Well, And The Grip Underneath The Cap As You Write Feels Great In The Hand. The Best Part of This Capped Pen Is That It Clicks In and Stays On The End of THE Pen Very Good While IT’s Open…This Is One of My Issues With Capped Pens, When You Put The Cap On The Butt End While Writing They Will Often Either Pop Off or Move Around While You Write (Perhaps I Should Write Less Violently But I Cant Help It). If It’s A Clicky-Less Pen That You Are Seeking, Then THIS IS GONNA MAKE YOU ECSTATIC!

That’s My Top 3 Suggestions To Take Your Pen Game From The Amateurs To The Pros …Each One Is Exclusively Awesome In Their Own Write (PUN), and Flow Across A Piece of Paper In Their Own Unique Way! Unlike Men, All Pens Are Not Created Equal … Give Your Fingertips and The Slaughtered Trees of Stationary In Your Life Some Love and Go Write A Better Ending To The Authoring Rest of Your Life!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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