Looking, Moving, and Feeling Good FOR LIFE, With A Walking Plan NOW

I Have Stated Before That I Truly Feel As Though The 2 of The Best Life Skills That We Can Instill In Our Lives Today That Will Have The Biggest Effect On Our LIFELONG Health and Wellness Are Regularly Drinking Water and Walking…Seems Simple Right, Yet These Are Two of The Most Underused Life Skills In Our Society. For The Sake of This Section We Won't Discuss Water and Why It's Such An Incomparably Valuable Thing To Do…Just Keep Drinking It!

This Is About Walking and Both Why You Should Be Doing It and HOW You Can Make It An Easy Habit/Routine. I Think That Working Out Hard Is Great, and I'm A Proponent That We Should All Be Doing Some Form of Strength Training, Some Semi To Tough Conditioning, and Living A Vibrant Life of Energetic Abundance….Yup, These Are All Great and Extremely Beneficial, But The Likelihood of Being Able To Back Squat Hundreds of Pounds At 85 Is Not Very High, The Ability to Run A Sub 5 Minute Mile At 78 Is Rather Slim, and Doing Your Favorite RX’d Crossfit WOD In The Latter Years of Your Life Is Going To Be Pretty Difficult…Now Don't Get Me Wrong If You Can Do Those Things At That Age…DO IT and You Can Rub This In My Face and It Would Be Awesome. However, For Most of Us In Reality Don't Want To Let Our Increasing Age Rob Us of Vitality and Healthy Independent Movement Through Life…And Failing To Build The