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Staying Healthy While Traveling To Toronto

This Has Actually Sparked A Notion To Create A Detailed Blog of Ways To Stay, Remain, or Even Get Healthy While Traveling Or On The Road…Especially As Summer Is Approaching It Is Very Common To Be On The Road…Trips Here, Camping There, Travels EVERYWHERE! This Is A Super Awesome Thing and You Should Be Traveling and Experiencing All The Awesomeness of This World! However, Staying Healthy While ‘Living In The World’ Can Seem Daunting and A ‘Lost Cause’ To Many….BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO! This Past Weekend I Traveled To Toronto For A Weekend Conference and Was Very Busy, But Didn’t Allow It To Overcome Me! In The Coming Weeks I Will Give Some More Specific Tips/Guidance On How To Work YOUR Lifestyle Around Your Travels and Still Remain Healthy…But For This I Will Just Detail The Things That I Did To Keep Healthy. Don't Overthink It…When You Are Away From Home You Neither Have To Go “Off The Rails” and You Don't Have To “Stay Stringent and Not Enjoy Your Trip”…Just Live Baby….Just LIVE!

So Here’s Pretty Much What I Did:

With Food…

  • Pre-Packed Half of My Meals - I Brought A Cooler With Me and Had What I Knew Would Be Half of My Meals Ready To Go, This Made Sure I Stayed On Point Overall But Could Still Go Out and Enjoy The Food While There!

  • Made Sure I Won Breakfast By Looking Beforehand At Places That Sold Fruit, and In The Morning Walked There and Got Fresh Fruit As My Breakfast…I Love Me Some Cantaloupe!

  • Saturday After My Early Morning Cantaloupe I Chose Not To Eat Again Until After The Day’s Conference… This Was Planned and I Made Sure I Got My Nutrients In Later and Didn't Use It As An Excuse To Go Crazy!

  • Went To Chipotle and Got A Chicken Burrito Bowl With Extra Lettuce/Veggies…And It Was Awesome!

  • At Night I Was Extra Hungry So I Went To The Store and Ate A Quest Bar…But Hey That’s Processed Food??? Yup Yup, It Was Delicious! I Just Focused On The ‘Better’ Decisions!

  • I Chose One Type of Food That I Really Like and Looked Up The Best Places That Serve Them! I Am A Big Big Fan of Omelettes So Went To A Restaurant and Ordered An Omelette With Avocado, Feta Cheese, Mushrooms, and Onions…With A Side of Fresh Fruit…and Let Me Tell You, It Was FANTASTIC! Do I Know For Sure That It Wasn't Cooked In Something Bad? No! Could I Have Made For 100% Certain That It Wasn't? Yeah, But I Didn't! … If I Was Really Focused On A Specific Goal That May Be Different But I’m Just Living Healthy So I’m Not Gonna Stress About That!

  • *NOTE: If You’re Thinking “Shoot I Really Love Pizza, or Burgers, or Whatever…Then Go Find The Best Place and GET THAT!”… The One Meal Isn't Gonna Kill You and Will Likely Do More Good Than Bad.

I Also Did These Workouts…

Saturday: (Hotel Workout, I Brought A Resistance Band)

20 Minute AMRAP:

  • Band Pull-Aparts (10)

  • Bulgarian Split Squats (8 Each Leg)

  • Twists (15 Each Side)

  • Mt. Climbers (15 Each Side)

  • Band Pull Aparts (10)

  • Skwatz (15)

  • Iso-Squeeze Pushups (8)

  • Jumping Jacks (30)

Sunday: (Was Going To Do A KB Workout…But Didn't Want To The Morning Of So I Audibled), I Was In A Very Very Tall Building So I Decided To Get A Stair Workout In!

30 Minutes of Running Stairs/Bodyweight Work:

  • Sprint A Flight

  • 2 Pushups, 2 Skwatz, 2 Mt. Climbers

  • Jog A Flight

  • 2 Pushups, 2 Skwatz, 2 Mt. Climbers

  • Walk A Flight

  • RKC Plank (For 5 Pulses)

  • *Repeat For 30 Minutes

  • *Whenever I Reached The Top I Just Medium Jogged Down

  • ***NOTE: Don't Sleep On How Fatigued Your Legs Will Be After Going Up 50 Flights of Stairs, BE CAUTIOUS Taking That First Step Down or It Could Be Bad!

Soooo…… Yes, I Didn't Strength Train and That’s Ok, This Morning On This Wonderful Monday I Will Do My Deadlifts, Squats, and Presses…See, Life Is Good!


  • Set A Goal to Hit 15,000+ Steps Per Day

  • I Found An Early Morning Church Service So I Could Still Get That In Before Sunday’s Conference Started

  • Randomly Said Hello or Complimented At Least 5 Strangers A Day

  • Enjoyed The Features of The City

And That's It, Nothing More or Less! So What Are My Key Points/Takeaways That You Could Use?

  • My Workouts Were Short and Didn't Require A Ton of Equipment or My Time

  • I Planned MOST of My Nutrition and Didn't Act Like An Idiot When I Ate Out

  • When I Did Eat Out, I Chose Things I Like…And I Didn't Freak Out If It Was ‘Unhealthy’

  • I Broke Up The Stagnation Time With Short But Very Effective Breaks

  • I Still Enjoyed My Trip/What The City Had To Offer Without Mentally Freaking Out Or Going Rogue

  • When I Didn't Want To Do My Workout…I Just Switched It…And Guess What…I Am Still Alive!

Go Do This And Stay Fit This Traveling Season!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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