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My 5 Quick Tips To Decrease Low Back Pain

Constant Aches and Pains Are Extremely Prevalent In Our Society…Most Notably In Our Lower Backs. For Many Dealing With The Everyday Struggles of Lower Back Pain Is A Constant Reality and Has Become So Normal That We Have Relegated This Terrible Nuisance (And Often Very Debilitating Hindrance) As ‘Just A Part of Life’…But That Does Not Have To Be and SHOULD Not Be The Case!

We Are Not Meant To Wake Up Slow, Achy, and Debilitated From Doing Everyday Activities…We Are Not Meant To Live In Immobile Pain, But Rather In Mobile Abundance!

So Here Are My Top 5 Quick Tips To Decrease Low Back Pain…

Exercise Everyday … Yes, Every Single Day You Should Be Exercising, and NO That Does Not Mean That You Should Be Going All Out and ‘Crushing It’ As They Say Every Day…In Fact That Would Be Rather Detrimental! However, We Need To Be MOVING Every Single Day and Through All Ranges of Motion. A Proper Exercise Routine Should Be Incorporating A Variety of Elements of Fitness From Lifting Weights, Conditioning, Mobility, Flexibility, and Above All Just Simple Active Recovery Sessions Like Just Walking and Stretching. When These Are Done EVERY SINGLE DAY We Will Experience A Loosening, Strengthening, and IMPROVING of Our Lumbar Spine and That Pain Will Decrease. Doing Things Once or Twice A Week and Then Sitting On Our Behinds The Rest of The Week and Wondering Why We Are Feeling So Tore Up Is Kind of Silly. Move and Move EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's Important Here To Start Where You Are At…This May Mean Simply Stretching Each Day, and When You Build Up Over Time (Which You WILL) It Will Turn Into Much More...A PAIN FREE Much More!

Make Restoration A Priority … Life Beats Us Up Pretty Good and Without Making Restoration of Our Bodies A Priority We Dig Ourselves Deeper and Deeper Into The Hole of Physical Despair. Whether You Workout Regularly or Not The Demands That Are Put On The Body Are Very Taxing So We Have To Take The Time To Keep It All Healthy. MAKE THE TIME To Partake In Consistent Restoration Activities Such As .. Going To Saunas, Taking Epsom Salt Baths, Salt Room Visits, Get Regular Massages, Visit The Chiropractor Regularly, Meditate and Do Slow Flow Yoga (The Stress Reduction From These Will Work Wonders On Your Low Back), Stretch Constantly, Etc. There Are A Variety of Methods To Restoration and The Best Part Is That They All Feel GREAT… So Don't Forget To Pamper Yourself…If You Need Justification In Your Mind Just Remember That It's Improving Your Health!

Invest In Top Notch Shoes/Bed … One of The Best Pieces of Advice I’ve Ever Received Was To ‘Always Overpay and Invest In The Best Shoes and A Bed, Because Those Are The Two Things You Spend The Most Time In’… And This Is Oh So True! The Shoes We Walk In and The Bed We Sleep In Will Likely Have The Greatest Impact On The Way Our Bodies Feel…So If You’re Going To Skimp On Anything…Don't Let It Be Shoes Or A Bed. Work With A Professional Here To In Order To Find Footwear and A Bed That Is Best For LONG TERM HEALTH! Relying On Inserts and Other Orthopedics May Very Well Be Simply Hiding (or Putting A Band-Aid) On The Bigger Issues…So First Be Sure To Improve Your Fitness Overall PROPERLY. Putting Forth A Bit More Money Upfront On These Items Though In Lieu of Maybe Going Out To Eat A Couple Times A Month Can Turn Your Consistent Daily Pain Into A Thing of The Past.

Hack Your Sleep/Work Posture … Staying In Bad Postural Positions For Long Periods of Time Will Wreak Havoc On Your Lower Back, So We Must Constantly Fight This. If You Can Get A Sleep Study That’s Great But Since That Is Probably Unlikely We Can Play Around With Our Sleep Postures To Find What Really Feels Best and Gets Us In The Best Positions. If It's Slightly On Your Side, If You Have To Use Pillows To Position Between Your Legs or Head or Wherever…Do Whatever It Takes. In Addition To That Hack Your Desk Job/Wherever You Work To Ensure That You Are Constantly Either Moving or Changing Positions/Sitting Upright. If You Can Manage To Get A Standing Desk In Your Job That's Even Better, But At The Very Least Make Reminders and Set Your Desk Up That Puts You In The Most Ergonomic Positions For Quality Posture. Keep Your Back Straightened Up, (Allowing That Low Back To Sit In Flexion Is A Big NO…and Will Result In Constant Pain!). Be Sure To Get Up Every 30 Minutes or So and Move Around To Not Get Stiff, Use Pillows, Mobility Balls, Etc. To Keep The Grooves Greased!

Lose Weight … This One Is Very Simple, The More Extra Weight That You Are Carrying The Harder It's Going To Be On Your Low Back At ALL TIMES! To Simply Say ‘Lose Weight’ However Is Quite Stupid and Highly Unhelpful. Start With Where YOU Are Right Now, Seek Help and Motivation From Others, Don't Take It Like A Sprint…Losing Weight Requires A Commitment To The Long Term…Losing A TON of Weight Quickly On Some Crash Diet Will Likely Result In A BIGGER YOU A Year From Now…Take A Deep Breath and Simply Know That You Are Worth The Changes. There Are Tons of Great Programs and Legitimate Routines To Achieve Your Goal of Losing Weight…You Can Go To Gyms, Classes, Etc. (There's Plenty of Great Ones Out There)…But You Don't Have To… Start With Just Trying To Incorporate 2 More Servings of Veggies A Day, and Moving For 10 More Minutes A Day Than You Do…Increase That As You Feel Better and Better and Watch What Happens In A Year. If You Would Like Any Additional Help Please Contact Me or Another Quality Trainer Out There That Is Going To Care About Helping You Actually Get Healthy and Not Just Try To Tell You That If You Drink Some Powder or Do A 5 Minute Workout DVD That You Will Get Healthy. Be An Adult, Lose Some Weight…and Feel That Back Pain Go Away FOREVER!

BONUS: Strengthen Your Core … This Kind of Goes With Exercising But Be Sure To PROPERLY Exercise and Strengthen Your Core Specifically. Weak Abdominals, Sides, Glutes, and The Entire Core Are A Common Theme In Low Back Pain…The Weaker They Are The More Constant Tension and Pressure Is Being Applied Directly To Your Back…So If You Want A Healthier Back, Build A Stronger Core!

There You Have Some Very Simple But Very Effective Tips To Help You Decrease That Back Pain and Wake Up Every Single Day With Excitement and Energy and Not A Slow and Grueling Crawl Out of Bed Hanging Onto Everything In Sight So That You Don't Fall Over!

Life Was Meant To Be Lived Pain Free…And That Is Exactly What We Intend On Doing!!! LIVING…PAIN FREE!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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