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Here's A Core Workout You Can Do ANYWHERE!

This Workout Is A Core and Conditioning Focused and Fantastically Fun Bodyweight Workout That Is Designed To Burn Some Calories, Increase Your Awesomeness, and Make You Love Life! It's Just A Few Rounds of Exercises Yet An Excessive Amount of Fun… You’re Gonna Love It! It Can Be Done In An Extremely Small Space Yet Push You To YOUR Max Regardless of The Size of Your Workout Area So Get Ready To Get Fit Anywhere This Week!!!! Plenty of Modifications So You Can Scale All The Exercises To You. So Get Ready To Have The Best Time of Your Life…Life Is Good!

It’s Programmed As A Complete Workout If You Do All The Rounds and All The Exercises But Can Be Modified To Use As A Finisher To Your Weekly Skullcrusher and Chest Dip Training Sessions, So Check The Modifications and Programming! The Goal As Always Is To Stay Tight With All Movements But PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN When You Can. This Will More Than Likely Get Very Exhausting Especially As The Workout Progresses and You Get More Fatigued, So Be Sure To Perform Quality Reps Even While You Are Trying To Push It Try To Push, BUT PUSH SAFELY WITH GOOD MOVEMENT! If You Are Uncomfortable or Unfamiliar With Anything Substitute or Leave It Out! Follow Any Modifications Suggested As Needed! Make Sure You Are FULLY Warmed Up!

So Whether You're Working On Your Lonesome, Working Out With An Awesome Workout Partner, or A Crew of Superstars, You Can All Do This and Get Fit!! Let Your Hair Down, Lace Up Your New Balance Minimists, Get Your Get In A Good Dynamic Warmup, Fill Up Your Glass Water Bottle, Turn Your Freddie King Playlist Up Loudly…And Get Yourself Fit!

Here Is The Workout:…With Modifications and Programming At The End:

5 Exercises of 12 Reps, 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 Back and Forth Hops, 4 Rounds :

  • 1 Round:

  • 12 Situps To In & Outs

  • 12 Inchworms to Knee Taps

  • 12 Bicycles With Twists

  • 12 Rolling Planks

  • 12 Squat Thrusts to Wide Mt. Climbers

  • 50 Jumping Jacks

  • 50 Back and Forth Hops

  • Rest and Repeat 3 More Rounds

  • Stretch, Give Some High Fives, Drink Some Water, and Love Life!!!!

  • That's The Whole Workout…It’s A Great Way To Feel Like A Metabolic Monster of Awesomeness!

  • Remember To MOVE FAST and HARD and Burn Burn Burn Those Calories…But ALWAYS Scale Back As Need…Have Fun, But GET BETTER Not INJURED!


  • Substitute Situps To In & Outs With Crunches To Flutter Kicks

  • Substitute Inchworms To Knee Taps With Pledge Planks

  • Substitute Bicycles With Twists With Just Twists

  • Substitute Rolling Planks With Forward Arm Raises

  • Substitute Squat Thrusts To Wide Mt. Climbers With Squats/Mt. Climbers/Gorilla Hops

  • Substitute Jumping Jacks With High Knees

  • Substitute Back and Forth Hops With Bunny Hops/Calf Raises

  • Adjust The Rounds/Rest, Reps, and Exercises Up or Down If Needed According To Your Ability

  • Remove/Adjust Certain Exercises Depending On Your Ability


  • Be Controlled and Move FAST But WELL!

  • Full Workout = All The Exercises and All 4 Rounds As Described

  • Finisher = 1 Round of 24 Reps A Piece & 50 Jumping Jacks/Back and Forth Hops

  • Complete This A Few Times In The Week, Trying To Push The Pace Harder With Each Bout

  • Play With and Adjust The Workout To Fit Your Needs As Well…Always Modify When Needed, Replace If Needed…Don’t Get Hurt.…Just Get Fit!

And There’s Your Weekly Dose of Fat Burning and Awesomeness Building Fun! Every Week Is A Great Week To Get Fit, and This Is No Exception. Check Out The Video For A Breakdown In Normal Mo, and Then The Full Workout In Fast-Mo! Remember That You Are In Control of How Hard You Can Push It, and How Hard You Should Push, So Push AS BEST YOU CAN!! You Don't Need Too Much Space and It’s An All Around Awesome Workout! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS SCALE TO YOU…Go At YOUR Pace! You Still Get Awarded No ‘Tough Guy’ Points By Hurting Your Back and Posting About How ‘Much You Crush’ Afterward! Don't Forget To Have Fun With It, Enjoy Every Second of Working Out and Getting Fitter! Get Some Friends To Come Around and Do It With You! Head Out For Filtered Water and Cod & Sweet Potatoes, Give Some High Fives While You’re Doing It! Drink Excessive Amounts of Water While Doing It! And As Always…. Don't Forget To Smile!

For More Weekly Workouts, Check Out My YouTube Channel Here!

Let's Get Fit!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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