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My 2 Minute Mobility Mixup

A Harsh Truth That Continuously Shows Its Face Every Now and Again Is The Reality That By and Large…WE DON'T MOVE WELL! By and Large…WE ARE STIFF MESSES! And By and Large … IT MAKES LIFE LESS AWESOME! But Don't Beat Yourself Down, It’s Likely Not Your Fault! As A Majority We Don't Move Well and Struggle With Stiffness and Joint Pain Because A Large Number of Jobs Require As Much Movement As Traffic On Hall Rd At 5pm…NONE! In Addition To That We Simply Can't/Don't (I Emphasize Don’t) Take The Time To Work Through Ranges of Motion That Tighten Us Up! But It Doesn't Have To Be A Long and Arduous Ordeal To Break Up The Joint Lockdown and Keep The Aches and Pains That Come With All Day Stiffness At Bay.

Enter Mark Zarate’s 2 Minute Mobility Mix Up. This Can Be Done In One Small Space (Mostly Just Sitting In Your Chair), It Will Only Take 2 Minutes, and It’s Relatively Effortless. As I Have Stated Before I Am As Guilty As Any To Not Devote Enough Time To Improving Flexibility and Mobility, But They Are Both So So Important Especially As We Get Older. In Such A Busy Day and Age Perhaps We Find It Hard To Fit In A Full 30 Minute Nighttime Routine, But WE CAN ALL FIND 2 Minute Breakups WHILE We Are Working!

Check This Out and Give It A Try! I Would Set A Timer To Go Off On Your Phone Every Hour or So and Just Work Through Them While You Are Working! Do This Everyday and Within A Few Weeks Your Joints and Overall Body Will Love You For It!

The Routine Is This:

  • 5 Deep Bodyweight Squats (As Deep As You Can)

  • 5 Scap Slides

  • 5 Full Neck Rotations (Each Direction)

  • 5 Calf Pulses (Each Leg)

  • 5 Ankle Circles (Each Ankle)

  • 5 Knee Hugs (Each Leg)

  • 5 Shoulder Rolls

  • 5 Toe Touches

Check It Out Below!

* If You Have Time Add More, If Not Just Keep Being Awesome! That’s It…Very Simple Yet Very Effective!

Move Limberly, Move Pain Free, and Be Awesome!!!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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