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My New Idea To Keep Me Engaged:

Has Something Similar To This Ever Happened…You Just Came Out Of A Great Meeting and You Have A Newfound Outlook On Your Week…I Mean The Ideas Are FLOWING FIERCELY and The Notes That You’ve Taken Are Flooded With Groundbreaking Concepts. You Are Quite Possibly Going To Change The Entire Landscape Of The World This Week. 2 Hours Later You're Still Fired Up, 4 Hours Later There Is A Flame Lit, Later On In The Night There’s Some Semi-Warm Embers Hidden Beneath A Bed of Busyness and Life’s Distractions. Within A Few Days You Can Barely Remember What You Had For Breakfast That Morning Let Alone Any Of The Key Concepts From A Few Days Prior.

So The Whole Remembering Things…Yeah It’s Not As Easy As It Seems. In Fact More Often Than Not…It’s Nearly Impossible! And I Have Found Myself Becoming Frustrated With My Forgetting The Groundbreaking Concepts That I Plan To Use To Rule The World. A Key Component To Making Change In Anything Is ‘BEING CONSISTENT.’ This Is True In All Areas Of Life. This Notion Has Been Personally In The Front Of My Mind Recently In Regards To Church Services On Sundays. I Leave With A Bulletin Flooded With Notes Each Week. All Of Which Have Plenty Of Side Notations Of How I Can Apply The Teachings To A Variety Of Ways In