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The 5 Minute Non-Negotiable

Time…More Specifically The Lack There of Is One of Our Biggest Detriments In All Areas of Life. For The Sake of This Section I Will Pinpoint Our Physical Well Being As The Component of Our Lives That Takes A Massive Hit When Lack of Time Shows It’s Face. We All Hit Times In Our Life When Sayings Such As…”I Just Don't Have Any Time To Workout” or “You Have No Idea What My Schedule Is Like, I Literally Don't Have ANY Time To Get Exercise”. Each and Every One of Our Schedules, Obligations, and Chaotic Lives Vary and I Am Not Questioning Anyone's Busyness. For Many To Get In An Hour Workout Every Day Is An Impossibility. However, Without Question, I Find It Impossible To Believe That We Cannot ALL Find 5 Minutes To Get A Small Workout In…EVERYBODY Has 5 Minutes To Spare…We May Not WANT To But That’s A Different Story Completely. We Must Make MOVEMENT A NON-NEGOTIABLE! When You Make It A RULE, It’s Much Harder To Break! So I Implore You To Do Just That, Create A Rule In Your Life and Set A 5 Minute Exercise Routine That You Do ‘NO MATTER WHAT’ Each Day If You Can't Get Your Normal Workout In! Regardless of How BUSY, CHAOTIC, OR STRAPPED FOR TIME You Become…YOU DO THIS 5 MINUTE WORKOUT! The Benefits of This Are Vast and Go Beyond A Physical Change. For Starters, Yes You Will Actually Make Gains Physically By Even A 5 Minute Workout (Any Movement Is Better Than NO Movement). No, You Won't Get The Same Results As A Planned 45 Minute Session, But This Mindset Is One That Hinders Us Tremendously! “I Can't Do What I Want So Screw It, It’s Pointless To Do Anything”, “Well I Ate A Donut For Breakfast, This Day Is Already Ruined, I Might As Well Just Get Pizza Tonight”…You Know The Typical Routine! That Is All Your Desire’s Way of Justifying Doing Things You Know You Shouldn't Because It's Too Hard…So Don't Fall For That! 5 MINUTES IS GREAT! SECONDLY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IN MY OPINION…Is The Fact That It's A Mental WIN, It's A Momentum WIN, and It's A Self-Proving WIN! With Each Day That You Keep This Rule Is Another Check Mark In The WIN COLUMN! It's Another Day of Building The Chain of Momentum! It’s Another Great Example of Proving To Yourself That You DON'T GIVE IN! Even If It's In A Small Way, It's A Confidence Builder In YOURSELF! We All Know Too Well That When We Slip Up ONCE It Becomes Easier and Easier To Let It Happen Again, and Again, and Again…So Let's BREAK THAT CHAIN OF INCONSISTENCY! MAKE IT A NON-NEGOTIABLE! My 5 Minute Non-Negotiable Looks Like This… 5 Minute AMRAP: 5 Hopovers 5 Pushups 5 Switch Jumps 5 Situps 5 Burpees *Pushing The Pace As Fast and Hard As I Can…Try It Out Next Time You’re In A Time Crunch!

A Few Key Points/Reminders: Since It’s Only 5 Minutes You Really Want To PUSH HARD AND GRIND! The More Explosive The Movements, The Better To Get ‘Bang For Your Buck’ Scale All Exercises To Your Ability…No Pain No Gain Doesn't Sound As Cool With A Blown Out Back Try Not To Only Pick Exercises You Like, Pick Ones That Work All Over Understand Mentally That It's Not The “Perfect Workout” But It’s A WORKOUT! Make No Mistake About It…YOU CAN BURY YOURSELF IN 5 MINUTES! At Minute 3 Just Know That It Will ALL BE OVER SOON Now Go Get Fit…Even If You're Busy!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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