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The Quote That Has Me Thinking This Week

This Week I Have A Quote Semi Related To The Idea of Letting Go Of All Mental Traps and Living A Full and Non-Limited Life On My Mind! I Have Had Many Conversations About This Topic, But Actually Have Had 3 In Depth and Specific Conversations In The Past 2 Weeks With Different People, and I Just Cannot Get This Notion /Idea Out of My Head! I Had a Long Discussion With One Of My Classes, and I Even See This Idea of Fear and Limitations For The Future Creeping In The Heads of 11-13 Year Olds. We Hang Out With Certain People That We Do Not Enjoy and That Bring Us Down, We Avoid A Multitude of Opportunities That Are Potentially Both LIFE CHANGING and ONCE IN A LIFETIME Opportunities, We Wake Up IMMEDIATELY Wondering When ‘Quitting Time’ Is So We Can Dull For A Brief Few Hours The Pains of Our Regret Until Our Eyes Open Again…All Because We Are Conditioned To Fear The Possible Failure That Looms On The Other End of Our Dreams. I Was Personally Trapped By These Habituated Apprehensions Toward A Life of Dreams That I Wanted To Chase For Fear Of “Losing Something”. But The Reality Is That “Something” That I Was Fearing Could Become Lost Does Not Exist, It’s a Façade, It’s a Jail Cell That Incarcerates Our Purpose For Existing…To Chase Our Dreams. My Own Drive Toward Breaking That Dream Out of The Jail Cell (As Scary As It May Still Be AT Times) Is A MUST, and It’s a Must That I Hope You Will Consider As Well. Because Whether An 11 Year Old That Is Afraid To Try A New Sport, A New Class, Ask A Girl/Boy To The Next Dance, or Tryout For The Lead Role In A School Play. Or Whether It’s a 23 Year Old College Grad That Sits Scared As He Stares At An Engineering Degree While Fervently Thinking About His Desire To Travel, Photograph, Blog, Teach The Youth, Build New Homes, or Tryout For The Lead Role In An Independent Movie. Or Whether It’s a 58 Year Old Accountant That Feels Deep Concern As She Looks Out The Window of Her Office Desiring To Bake Cookies and Cakes, Run A Women’s Shelter For The Needy, Design The Interior Decorations For New Homeowners, or Tryout For The Lead Role In A Broadway Play… No Matter The Scenario, We Must Eradicate Fear…And Chase Those Desires! Anyway Sorry For The Ramble…Here Is The Quote:

“Twenty years form now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away form the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain.

So Again I Am Sure This Idea/Quote Is Not One That Is New To You. No This Concept Is Not Some Newly Thought of Groundbreaking Proposal. However What This Quote Does Contain Is A World Of Freedom For YOUR Life…But Only If You Heed That Advice. If You Think About Your Life Right Now, You Can Probably Easily Recall All OF The Different Situations Had You But Embed With All of Your Soul The Reality That ‘You Said The Same Thing 15 Years Ago…You Were ‘Too Old’, ‘Too Secure’, and There Was ‘Too Much To Risk’ To “Explore, Dream, Discover” Back Then… 15 Years From Today You Will Be Faced With 2 Separate Conversations With Yourself... One You Already Know, In Fact You Know It Too Well (And Again Although I Am Saying “YOU”, I Am Just Speaking For Myself… …Its Only Speculation If It Applies To You As Well), It’s the Same Conversation That You Have With Yourself Every Time You Realize How Differently Life Would Be If You ‘Had Just Done That Thing Way Back Then’ The Other Possible Conversation You Could Have With Yourself Could Be A Totally New Convo…It’s a Convo That You, Me, and Nobody Else Knows Yet…It’s The Conversation That Only Explorers and Dreamers Can Discover… It's The Conversation That You Have Been Longing to Have With Yourself Since The Day You Were Born… And Only YOU Can Start That Conversation. I Am Personally No Longer Interested In The First Conversation, I Know It By Heart Now, Its Played Out, The Fear Of The Unknown Is No Longer Strong Enough To Force Me To Have That Conversation With Myself Ever Again… I Plan On Exploring What Life Is Like When I Put The Allow The Sails of My Aspirations Open Wide and Carry Me Swiftly Away From The Shorelines of Fear.

Go Out This Week and LIVE!!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life! For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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