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Will Do List Mid-Year Check In

In The Beginning of The Year I Proposed That You Start A “Will Do List of 2017”… Do You Remember? I Mean You Made One Right?….Right? Well Let Me Jog Your Memory Just In Case You Either Forgot or Failed To Make One…Tisk Tisk!

We Are All Aware That Most ALL New Year’s Resolutions Are Nonsense, and By Nonsense I Mean They Just Don't Work Out For A Variety of Reasons…Which We Won't Get Into All of Those Reasons (Cause I Mean Let’s Be Real It’s July, We Don't Need That Type of Negativity Right Now)…But I Will Highlight ONE Reason, and That Is Most All New Year’s Resolutions Require Some Time ‘Luck’, ‘Good Fortune’, ‘Stars Aligning’, or Just In General A Number of Factors To Fall In Place In Order To Be Achieved. For Example…”I Want To Lose 40lbs”…That’s Awesome (No Like Truly Awesome and Most Certainly Attainable…Assuming You Aren’t Under 40lbs Overweight)…However For That To Happen, As Dialed In As You May Be, It Still Requires Things To ‘All Work Out’ In Order For You To Achieve That Goal. Or Perhaps You Decide On January 1st That You Are Going To Win 1st Place In A Warrior Dash…Once Again…Great Goal, In Fact Amazingly Awesome Goal (And I Think You Should Try and Do That S***)…However, You Can Put In Your Best Effort Imaginable and Some Amount of Good Fortune Has To Fall In Place For That To Happen …

HOWEVER, On The Flip Side, There Is Plenty of Stuff That We CAN DO That Requires No Luck Whatsoever, Just That We Actually Commit To Taking The Time To DO THEM…These Are Things That We Really Want To Try, That Are Going To Certainly Take A Time Commitment To Accomplish, But The Only Thing Standing Between Us and Them…Is TAKING ACTION! The Outcome Is Irrelevant, Perhaps They Go Fantastically, Perhaps They Fail Dramatically…But At The End of The Day We Will Have DONE THEM…I Call It My “WILL DO LIST OF 2017”!

Why? Because Life Was Meant To Be LIVED, That's Why…and Unless We Set Determined Plans That Force Us Into Action We Can Let ‘The Insignificant Distractions’ In This World Prevent Us From Actually Living…Because We Will Always “Get Around To It When We Have Time”… Which Is Nonsense, Because We Will Consistently Find Reasons To Not Have Time.

Here’s Where I’m At So Far….

  • I Went and Saw Ravi Zacharias Speak Live…And It Was Phenomenal!

  • I Went and Saw Dawes Play At Ryman Auditorium In Nashville…And It Was Phenomenal!

  • I Took A Salsa Dancing Class .. And It Was Phenomenal!

  • I Gave One Speech Thus Far For The Romeo Relay For Life Event …. (And It Was Phenomenal)

  • I’ve Started and Am In The Midst of An 8th Month Workout Program… And It’s Phenomenal (Depending On The Day)

So After That Reflection, How Have You Done So Far? Are You On Track? Behind Schedule? Ahead of Schedule? … Let’s Talk About It, and Then LET'S DO IT!!!!

It's Definitely Not Too Late, So Even If You Weren't Around In The Beginning of The Year, or Just Didn't Do One…START NOW!!! Life Is About What We DO…Not Talk About! Let's All Enjoy Every Bit of Life By EXPERIENCING It!

Remember The Key Is That They Are All Things That You CAN Do, If Only You Make The Time To Do Them…No Luck Involved, No Stars Needing To Align, No Good Fortunes Falling In Place…Just YOU Taking Action and CREATING A LIFE!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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