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Building and Setting Goals To Live An Awesomer Life!

In A World of Trying To Push Push Push, We (And I Speak On Behalf of Myself Mostly) Can So Easily Lose Track of Both The RIGHT NOW Which Is A Shame In Itself…But Also We Lose Track of Our Goals As We Just Get Caught Up In The Rat Race! This Is Terrible, So Consider These Questions...

  • What Is My 3 Month Goal/Plan? Why Is This My Goal? 3 Specific Steps I Will Take To Get Myself There?

  • What Is My 1 Year Goal/Plan? Why Is This My Goal? 3 Specific Steps I Will Take To Get Myself There?

  • What Is My 5 Year Goal/Plan? Why Is This My Goal? 3 Specific Steps I Will Take To Get Myself There?

These Three Goals/Plans Are SO VERY IMPORTANT!

  • 3 Months Keeps You Focused and Grinding Daily For The NOW!

  • 1 Year Keeps Our Smaller Goals In Line With Our Bigger Goals That We Can Taste Now, and So Desperately Want!

  • 5 Years Gives You A Lengthy Purpose To Your Daily Focus Knowing That It’s All Being Done For A Much Greater Cause Than What We Can See In Front of Us Currently.

They All Should Stack On Each Other…Your 3 Month Goal Supports Getting To Your 1 Year, and The 1 Year Is A Stepping Stone To The Doorway To The 5 Year Goal! Be Sure That Each of Your Goals Are Following The S.M.A.R.T. Protocol…

  • S - Specific (Don't Be Vague With Your Goals, Get To It!)

  • M - Measurable (Be Sure That You Can Track Your Goal…Not Opinion, Did You Do It or Not)

  • A - Attainable Push Yourself But Don't Be Idiotic, If You’ve Never Run A Day In Your Life You're Not Running A Marathon In 3 Months)

  • R - Relevant (Don't Just Pick A Goal For Fun, Make Sure It's Relevant To What YOU Want)

  • T - Time Specific (This One Is Done For You..3 Months, 1 Year, 5 Years)

But There’s More To Life Than Just Goals…These Next Few Questions Are Life Fulfilling and Character Building…(At Least For Me).

Who Has Impacted Me The Most In The Past 3 Months? … (Think Deeply About This, Consider All Areas of Your Life, and Pinpoint The One Person That Has Shaped/Impacted You Most In the Past 3 Months Specifically)

How Have I Showed Them My Gratitude? … (Think Deeply About How You Have Tangibly Shown Your Appreciation To This Person...Write It Out, and Assess Whether or Not You Could Do More To Show That Person How Much You Appreciate Them)

What Am I Lying To Myself About Not Knowing?… (This One Is My Favorite, It Requires Self Reflection…Think Deeply About What You Are Unconsciously Pretending That You Don't Know About Yourself That Is Hindering You…Then Work To Change It!... Example…You Eat Brownies Way More Than You Should and Are Trying To Lose Weight, But You Love Them So In Your Mind You Try To Justify and Say To Yourself That You "Don't Eat Them That Much”…Stop B.S.’ing!)

What 5 Things Am I Most Grateful For In The Past 3 Months? … (Hopefully There's Hundreds of Things, But Think Very Deeply About What Your TOP 5 Are From The Past 3 Months, Ponder Them, and Write Them Out...Seeing These Will Be Wonderful For You...It Will Shock You!)

I Even Created A Small Doc To Track (Shown Below), By All Means You Can Use It Too!! I Used This and Printed Off 3 Copies…1 To Tape To My Desk and 1 To Tape To My Bathroom Wall So They Are Both Within My Vision Every Single Day (We Act Upon Those That Are Most Frequently On Our Mind…Don't Allow Your Position In Life To Get Lost). The Last Copy I Am Putting In A Folder/Binder…This Is Important Because It’s The Same Folder I Am Going To Use To Keep A Copy of Every Quarterly Checklist For The Rest of My Life. We Always Assume We Will Remember Things Forever But We Won't, We Simply Won't…To Have Each Copy To Refer Back To Years Down The Road Will Serve 2 Major Purposes…

  1. It Will Be Awesome To Look Back 5, 10, or 15 Years From Now and See Where Our Lives Were…And Where They Are Now! … We Will Forget

  2. They Will Keep Us Honest When The World Distracts Us. To Have Things Written Down and Within Visible Sight Makes (And Keeps) It A Reality!

This Is Not Difficult, It’s Not Super Daunting With ‘All These Tasks/Guidelines’… No No, It's Just Some Basic Questions…But They Will Require You To Think! I Think We Should Have Goals, and They Should Be Relevant To Our Interests and Where We Want To Go. Deep Down We Desire To Be Better, We Feel Good About Growing Into More of Ourselves! And Those Goals/Plans In The Short and Long Term Should Be Both In Line With One Another As Well As Assessed Constantly…How Do We Know If Were Getting Better If We Don't KNOW If Were Getting Better? As They Say, ‘Seeing Is Believing’… So Be Sure To ‘See It’.

You Only Have To Do It Once Every 3 Months…EVERYBODY CAN DO THAT, RIGHT? Yeah, I Think So Too… Just Try It and Email Me On June 12th, 2018…Then See Just How Far You’ve Come and How Many Goals You’ve Smashed, People Who’ve Shaped You, and LIFE You’ve LIVED En Route To Your Dreams!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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