Workout of The Week:

This Week’s Workout of The Week Is Another 30 Minute AMRAP of All Around Awesomeness and All Around Fitness Filled Goodness! Today I’m Joined By The Unstoppable Force That Is The Gangster of Fitness Donna Rouse!!! It’s A Great Way To Get Fit While You Swing Bells, Pull Bands, and Love Life As You Burn Some Unwelcome Body Fat! So You Can Go Ahead and Get Yourself Excited Starting Now! It Uses A Kettlebell, A Band, and Some Grit… But Like Always There’s Modifications To Make It Work For YOU! It Works The Whole Body and It Will Help Get Rid and KEEP OFF Any Body Fat That’s Been Overstaying It’s Welcome Along Those Waistlines of Ours!

Be Sure To Be Set Up With Good and Proper Form Before Ripping Through EACH Rep, Taking Breaks and Resting Whenever You Need…Be Sure To Go To YOUR Ability. Try To Push Your Limits Safely! Push Yourself To YOUR Limits Regardless of The Size of Your Workout Area, So Get Ready To Get Fit Anywhere This Week!!!! Plenty of Modifications So You Can Scale All The Exercises To You. So Get Ready To Have The Best Time of Your Life…Life Is Good!

It’s Programmed As A Complete Workout If You Do A Full 30 Minutes…However Scale It To You and Your Abilities… Use It As A Finisher By Just 10 Minutes. Check The Modifications & Programming! The Goal As Always Is To Stay Tight With All Movements But PUSH AS HARD AS YOU CAN When You Can. This Will More Than Likely Get Very Exhausting Especially As The Workout Progresses and You Get More Fatigued, So Be Sure To Perform Quality Reps Even While You Are Trying