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A Reflection On Scale Weight

A Few Months Ago I Had Posted A Picture On Facebook of My Scale Weight Throughout The Day, Which After Some Conversations With Some People That Reached Out To Me This Past Week Struggling With This Mind Numbing Issue That Truly Effects So Many of Us It Got Me Thinking About This Concept As A Whole Again So Let Me Give You My Reflection On This! Whether You Saw That Picture A Bit Back or Not Let’s Go Back and Reflect On It, and Then Talk About It…Shall We!

Here Is My Weight Within A 24 Hour Period! Each Time I Weighed Myself I Was In Just My Boxers So There Was No Other Factors Changing The Weight…Think About A Couple Things As You Look At This!

Notice How Much My Weight Fluctuated Throughout The Day…Yup Yup, This Is Not Abnormal, I Generally Am Up and Down Anywhere Between 4-10lbs Every Single Day! Have You Ever Freaked Out or Chased A Number On A Scale?… Yeah, Me Too! … Has A Certain Number On The Scale Ever Controlled Your Thoughts and Actions of The Day?…Yeah, Me Too! Have You Ever Been That Type of Psychotic That Sees The Number, Steps Off, Steps On Again, Assumes It's Still Not Right So Moves The Scale To A Different Spot and Step On, Get Frustrated and Be Aggravated All Day?…Yeah, Me Too! … I Have Worked Beyond Those Days Though (With Persistence, Not Overnight)… and I Now Realize That The Number Is Excessively Fleeting!!

While My Weight On The Scale Went Up and Down Throughout That 24 Hours, I Exercised Because I Love How It Makes ME Feel, I Had GREAT Conversations With Multiple People Throughout The Day, I Saw Friends Hit Personal Goals and It Was Awesome, I Listened To Fantastic Music That Made My Day Exponentially Better, I Studied The Interplay Between Anaerobic and Aerobic Training Within A Training Cycle and How To Best Utilize Both, Ate Shrimp, Prayed and Meditated, Found Out That I’m Not Good At Right Handed Cartwheels, Realized That Even I Still Love KC & JoJo and It Wasn't Just A Middle School Thing ….. So What's The Point Here?… It’s That The Number On The Scale Did Not DEFINE Me or Dictate Any of My Worth! … I Love Myself Enough To Work Toward A Healthy Life At A Healthy Weight…But My Life IS FAR MORE Than What That Number Says…At ANY Time of The Day!

Are You Being Controlled By A Number?… Slowly Work To Let Go of That Thought, Because YOU Are Way Way Way More Than That Number! … Chase A Healthier and More Fulfilled Life and Be Patient…That Number Will Take Care of Itself! ***NOTE: That Number At One Point In My Life Read 244lbs!

So My Friend, I Implore You To See Beyond A Number and Instead Look In The Mirror and See, Embody, and Embrace The Incredible, Beautiful, Talented, Curious, Adventurous, Skilled, Masterful, Wondrous, and Uniquely Awesome Person That You Are!

You Cannot Measure True Loveliness…And You Are A Myriad of Loveliness… In Every Way…OWN IT!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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