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Honeymoons & Heartbreak:

We Live In A World That Not Only Pushes, But Promises “The Honeymoon Phase” In Every Single Area of Life. Every Single Corner You Turn You Can Hear The Quick Fix Rhetoric Whispering Sweet Nothings Into Your Ear…

  • Drink This Powder With Your Morning Water and Lose 20lbs

  • Earn Your First Million Dollars In One Year With This ‘Cash Fast Track’ Program

  • Use The _____ Diet To Transform Your Physique, Drop Body Fat, and Lessen Inflammation

  • Drop 30lbs In 30 Days With This 4 Week Weight Loss Challenge

  • Join This ‘Intense Workout Program’ and Grind Through The Struggle To Become Your ‘Fittest and Strongest Self’

  • …And This List Goes On Forever!

With Some of These Scenarios It Causes Us To Overlook The Obvious…When We Are Mentally Committed To Losing Weight From A ‘Powder’ For Example, We Are Overall More Health Conscious With Everything. In These Scenarios We Are Likely Eating Better, Drinking More Water, and Exercising More Than We Have… And THAT and THAT ALONE Is What Is Causing Weight Loss… But We Are Guised By The Fact It’s The Powder…. Enter The Honeymoon Phase!!! However When This Ends, Which Will Most Certainly Happen In All of These “Go Hard Beyond Reality” Scenarios When The Quick Results End (And Again THEY WILL) We Are Left With What? We Never Addressed The Actual Issues and Built Habits of Sustainable Health (I.E. Real Nutrition and Real Exercise Habits For Life).

With The Flip Side of “The Honeymoon Phase” Coin Is The Unrealistic Long Term Sustainability of Methods To Success… Let’s Continue With The Fat Loss Realm…. Enter The “Go All Out Even Though I’m Not Physically Capable Of Doing So and Have To Rely On Grit, Willpower, and Internal Angst To Grind Through” Workout Programs/Routine. You Join The ‘Challenge’ or ‘Modality’ of Training That Sets Up Drastic Protocols That Work You Into Submission…And What Happens? Well of Course You Lose Weight Fast, It’s Just Falling Off, and You Are Feeling GREAT… Yeah Sure You’re Getting Beat Up and Feel Like A Mack Truck Hit You … But You’re Down 10lbs In 1 Week So You Feel GREAT… Welcome To The Honeymoon Phase! However, As Will Most Certainly Happen In All of These Scenarios When The Quick Results End (And Again THEY WILL) We Are Left With What? We Never Addressed The Actual Issues and Built Habits of Sustainable Health (I.E. Real Nutrition and Real Exercise Habits For Life).

Now The Fact That That ‘Loving Feeling’ Will Soon Be Gone Isn’t Where The Real Issue Lies… The Biggest Problem (And What I Consider To Truly Be A Crime) With The Honeymoon Phase Is Not That It’s Built On A Feeble House of Lies That Will Eventually Come To A Tumbling Crash, Which Also Stinks, But Rather The Fact That You’ve Now Learned A Very False and VERY DANGEROUS Lie of What “Works” For You! Your Mind Now Believes (And Usually Very Strongly) In Something As ‘Your Answer’ That Is Actually Is The Cause of Your Current Issues…AND THAT IS PARALYZING.

  • The Years of Crazy Workouts Are The Reason That You Have Joint, Sleep, and Bodyfat Issues Today or Will Be Coming In The Future

  • The Years of Extreme Calorie Cutting and Yo-Yo Dieting Are The Reason You Have Extreme Metabolic Issues, Weight Problems Today, Blow Up When You Just Look At Cupcakes, and Still Binge Eat Uncontrollably

  • The Years of Investing Frivolously In ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’Early On Is The Reason That You Cant Afford Your Car Note, Rent, or Enjoyable Things In Life Today

  • The Years You Spent Putting Powders In Your Morning Water To ‘Get Healthy’ Is The Reason That…. Well I’ll Just Let That Joke Tell Itself!

Now Here’s The Kicker To All of This… We Do These Things Even When We Kinda Know Deep Down That REAL SUCCESS Lies In Something Different, and That Something Is DOING THE BASICS With A Realistic Mindset, and A Focus On Persistency…But That Is HARD WORK!!! As I Have Discussed In A Few Menus Recently We Have A Misconception On What HARD WORK Actually Is Because We Are Promised Instant Success Everywhere…

  • Why Commit To Years of Building A Foundation of Health When You Can Get It In 6 Weeks?

  • Why Commit To Years of Building A Savings Account of Fulfilled Retirement When You Can Make A Million Dollars In 6 Months?

  • Why Think About The Marriage We Will Have With Our Wellness, Our Finance, Our Relationships, and Ourselves In 5, 10, and 20 Years When It Feels So Good, Comfortable, and Elating To Live In The HONEYMOON PHASE?

Instant Results Come and They Come With An Inner Feeling of Satisfaction…But It Is Essential To NOT SEEK THE INSTANT AND FLEETING SHORT TERM SUCCESS… Instead, We MUST Aim To Do The HARD WORK That Is Focusing On What Is Necessary For LONG TERM TRIUMPH.

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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