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The Enjoy Life Message:

You May Have Seen A Campaign Started In The Past Couple Weeks, or Perhaps Not…But Either Way I Hope You Are Ready To ENJOY LIFE!!! It’s Of The Utmost Importance! There Is NO Denying A Few Things In This World…

  1. Negativity Is Far Too Easy To Come By … Just Turn On The News or Listen To The Average Conversation of Complaints

  2. Busyness Has Become The Daily Norm … Jobs, Family, Finances, Responsibilities…It’s All Go Go Go!

  3. Our Final Day Is Unknown…. Although It May Seem Like It Certainly Won't Be Tomorrow, The Extremely Harsh Reality Is That It Can Be!

Tomorrow You Can Get A Phone Call That Grabs A Hold of Your Stability and Shakes It Into Submission…And If That Phone Call Ever Does Come, You Will Be Grasping For Any and All Remnants of Positivity…The Time Is NOW To Create Those Remnants. So We Can Continue To Feed Into The Trap of Negativity and Pacifism…or We Can Encourage EVERYONE To ENJOY LIFE!

Here Is A Brief Overview Of Why This Campaign Was Started (Which Holds The Utmost of Significance), As Well As WHAT The Campaign Is All About From The Words of An Absolutely Amazing Man That Does More Good For This World Than Anybody I’ve Met, Stan Babinski…

“Just over seven years ago on 3/7/2010 my family lost our son Stanley Ian Babinski. It has been seven years of heartache and hurt, yet, the Babinski family perseveres. We strive to fulfill Stanley’s final goal as he battled his cancer.

His seventh goal was to ENJOY LIFE. He had six other goals, which included beating his illness, getting degree, moving out of the house and others. But the one than resonates the most is his 7th goal ENJOY LIFE. We would like to see ENJOY LIFE on everyone’s’ list. Be it the 1st goal or the 10th goal.”

That Is Extremely Powerful Stuff and When You Hear Stan Talk About It, The Passion and Conviction Is Incomparable. The Message That Lies Within That Final Goal Is Tremendous Though, Isn't It…That’s The Summation of How Our Days Should Be Spent On This Earth…Our Precious and Fragile Time!

Here’s The Deal My Healthy Friends, As I Briefly Stated Earlier Life Is Chaotic, It's Crazy Busy and Every Single Direction You Turn It’s Inundated With Negativity. Most of Us Have Been Lulled Into A Perpetual State of Living In This ‘Positive Energy Suck’ of Daily Life. We Don't Even Realize It But When We Step Back and Assess Our Lives We Would Find That We Spend An Exorbitant Amount of Our Treasured Time On Things That DO NOT REALLY MATTER and Mentally Caught Up In The Pessimism of The World…

  • We Work Instead of Play

  • We Gossip Instead of Encourage

  • We Worry About Money Instead of Watching The Sunrise

  • We Eat Fast Food Instead of Cooking With The Family

  • We Text Message Instead of Talking Face To Face

  • We Dread The Possibilities of Poor Health Instead of Living In The Health We Do Have!


So We Are Embarking On A Campaign To Do Just That…Rearrange Our Priorities and ENJOY LIFE!

“The mission of this campaign, and this message is exactly what it sounds like, to promote to the WORLD the message to ENJOY LIFE! In the process of enjoying life we will be attempting to raise $100,000 in which 80% of the profit will go to the Boys & Girls Club, and 20% will go to the Stay Strong Stan Stanley Babinski Scholarship Fund!

There will be a series of events in the Macomb County, MI area from the months of July-December 2017 (Euchre Night, 5k Fun Walk, Halloween/Bowling Night, Polish Dinner) which anyone and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join in order to simply ENJOY LIFE with GOOD PEOPLE, and raise donations to make a difference. For more information, to sign up for any of the events, or to make a donation at any time for those that can't make it/don’t live in the area visit:

We want EVERYONE to ENJOY LIFE each and every day, and want to spread the message from Michigan to Oregon…From Barcelona to Port Au Prince… From Dublin to Reykjavik…EVERYWHERE ON EARTH!

Soooo… On your personal Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, your own personal text messages let's share to the world each and every way that we are ENJOYING LIFE! ANY WAY that you enjoy life (going to the zoo, playing with your grand kids, going to a concert, eating ice cream with friends, being out on the boat, exercising, on vacation, ANYTHING)… take a picture of it and post it with the hashtags #enjoylife7 #letstakeaSTANd

We can either let pessimism bloom or be the beacon of light that changes the world!

Let’s Take A STANd Now To ENJOY LIFE!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

For More Health, Fitness, and Awesomeness Every Week, Sign Up For The Free Monday Menu Here!

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