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The Truth Is We Were Meant To Be Healthy.... Free From Our Past

The FACT Is That Both What We Did In Our Past Has NO BEARING On Who We Are Today OR Who We Can Become Tomorrow…So Dwelling On The Past Is Only Going To Bring You Down…Instead, Every Single Day We Wake Up We Have The Opportunity To Become That Person That We Wished We Would Be Now But Allowed Our Own Mind To Prevent That From Happening….NOW IS DIFFERENT, This Time Of Our Lives Is DIFFERENT, This Monday, This Week, This Summer, This New Focus, This New Hope For The Future Is DIFFERENT…. We No Longer Have To Be Held Captive By What ‘WE SHOULD BE’…But We Are Set Free By What ‘WE WILL BE!!!” … I Can Only Speak For Myself But I Have Been At Rock Bottom Before, and At The Bottom I Mentally Blamed and Gave An Excuse For Everything As To Why Things Are The Way They Are…Place Blame On Everything Else… Other Than MYSELF... Until The Initiative and Stand Was Taken To MAKE THE REST OF MY LIFE THE BEST OF MY LIFE…AT ALL COSTS…I Was Just Running On A Hamster Wheel Of Lies…. But The Good News Is That With The Right Support We Can Simply Step Off The Hamster Wheel, We Can Actually Start Taking Real Steps Toward The Front Door Of ‘The Best Version Of Ourselves’… We CAN Become That Person We See In Our Own Minds! And I Am Thrilled For That Fact…So Let's Stop Looking Back At What Could’ve Been, and ONLY FOCUS ON WHAT ‘WILL BE’!!! If You Are Reading This Monday Menu I Can Guarantee That YOU Are Beyond Amazing! Always Tell Yourself This, Every Single Day, YOU WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO LIVE, NOT LIVE WITH ANY LIMITATIONS!!!! Poor Health, Lack of Movement, Pains, Obesity, Mental Struggles, Worry, Fear, Etc…. All Of These Things Creep Up On Us Fast, and It's So So So Easy To Get Lost In It All and One Day Look At Yourself In Shock Of How It Got To That Point, and What You ‘Could Have Done To Change It’…That Feeling Becomes Overwhelming, The Thought Of Getting In Shape Seems Like An Impossibility!!! GIVING UP IS WAY EASIER! Not Investing In Yourself Is The Much More Comfortable Road To Take!!! It All Seems Scary and Impossible! Those Feelings Can So Easily Lead Us To Believe That It Can't Be Done, or We Just Become Resigned To The Mindset That “We Can Never Get Healthy and In Good Shape Again"…From There The Medications Become The Mask, The Stressful Nights Filled With Junk Food Become The Norm, and Deep Down We Sit Wishing…. Well If You Get Nothing Else Out Of This Rant, and If You Get NOTHING Else Out Of Me, PLEASE Take This Fact…I KNOW THAT THIS LIMITED LIFE WAS NOT MEANT FOR YOU…AND YOU, YES YOU, CAN AND WILL GET HEALTHY!!!! AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE!!! I Know What It Is Like To Be Out Of Shape, I Know What Its Like To Feel Like You're Just Coasting Through Life and Not Reaching Your Potential, and I Know What Its Like To Feel Like The Good Life Is Reserved For Others But It's Probably Not For You…And It's All B.S.!! Every Single Day, and I Mean EVERY SINGLE DAY, That I Wake Up All I Want To Do Is See Other People See The Reality That I Was Fortunate Enough To Realize…THAT LIFE WAS MEANT TO LIVED!! And Every Single One Of Us Can LIVE IT!!! NO, Getting Healthy Is Not Always Easy…To Put It Very Bluntly, Getting In Shape Is Hard...BUT Being Overweight and Unhealthy Is Also Hard….We Can Make The Choice To Love Ourselves Enough and To Love This Community Enough To Change!!!... Many Of You Hear Me Say Often That The Sore Feeling Of Working Out Is Much Better Than The Sore/Achy/Uncomfortable Pains Of Life!!! We Were Meant For More Than A Life Of Mediocrity, Discomfort, and Limitations!...No, It's Not Easy, But It's BETTER!!!! … BECAUSE WE WERE MEANT TO BE HEALTHY!!!!

Smile, Laugh, Tell Someone You Love Them, and Keep Living The Gooder Life!

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